Marvel Avengers Alliance 2: Tips, Hints and Strategies

The sequel to the hit Facebook game offers better gameplay, more customization options and a huge collection of playable superheroes from the Marvel universe. Abilities are grouped according to a hero’s class. An infiltrator will have access to stealthy abilities, whereas a Blaster can be equipped with abilities that inflict devastating AoE attacks.

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 allows players to fight some of the most notorious supervillains. Turn-based tactical battles become more interesting when you fight those enemies that pose a threat to your heroes. In such situations, having a better strike team is crucial to win missions. With the help of these tips, hints and strategies, you will be able to build a strong squad, equip the right abilities to your heroes, take advantage of team-ups and know your hero classes better:

1. Prepare Strike Team According to Enemy Class Type

Having stronger heroes in your team will give you a class advantage over your enemies, including bosses. You can see such class advantage during combat. Tap on a hero ability that targets enemies and you can see which enemy is “Vulnerable” and which is “Resistant” to your attacks. Obviously, those that have the word “Resistant” below them have a class advantage over your hero. There will be a minimal effect on their HP when your hero attacks. But if there’s “Vulnerable”, it will be easy for your hero to defeat the enemy.

If you have collected several heroes, try to have a Strike team comprising of those whose combat class is stronger than enemies. To do this, follow this step-by-step guide:

Go to “Missions” > “Chapters”. Select a chapter and then select a level that you want to play. Press Launch.

Tap a mission. A “Prepare Strike Team” window will be displayed on the screen. On the Vs screen, you can see the enemy class type you will encounter during combat. The enemy class type can be seen just above the green “Fight” button. The colored ones are those whom you will meet at the battleground.

Make a note of the class type and then select a Leader, Frontline and Team-Up hero according to the enemy class lineup. Tap on each of these slots to choose heroes whose class is stronger than enemy classes. You may also add up to three reserves that belong to a stronger class. 

2. Know Your Hero Classes

Here’s a quick guide to hero classes and benefits of having them in your team: 

  • Bruiser: Color code: Sky Blue. High health and defense.
  • Scrapper: Color Code: Yellow. Have abilities that grant single target and free attacks.
  • Infiltrator: Color Code: Purple. Stealth abilities. Opponents can’t see them unless they have the Seek ability.
  • Tactician: Color Code: Green. Can stun enemies so that they lose a turn. Also have access to team buffs and defensive abilities.
  • Blaster: Have abilities that grant AoE (Area of effect) skills (Iron Man, for example) and single-target attacks that inflict more damage than others to enemies.
  • Generalist: Color Code: Light Grey. A Generalist is not resistant or vulnerable to anyone, making them quite effective against any class.

I have made it easier for you to remember which class is stronger than the other. Instead of class names, I have mentioned their color code in the sequence below:

Blue > Yellow > Purple > Green> Red > Blue

3. Ally with a Team-Up Hero to get Battle Bonus

Before battle, you get to select a “Team-Up” hero from a random group of heroes owned by their human commanders. A Team-up hero in your squad will not only give you silver as a reward after the battle is over but can also be used to defeat opponents. But there’s another benefit that will help you immensely in combat. If the chosen team-up hero later accepts your ally proposal, you will get a battle bonus.

For example:

Having Hawkeye as your ally will grant the “Dexterity” ally bonus, which gives increased accuracy and speed. When a player is your ally, you can take his hero to battle when he/she is online. Different heroes provide unique ally bonuses, so make sure you have a different team-up hero in every new battle and keep sending ally invites to them.

4. Here’s How You Can Invite Players to Become Your Allies

When battle ends, you will have the option to invite your team-up hero to be your ally, and if he/she accepts your proposal, they become your ally and you get an ally bonus.

Another way to add allies is to share your ally code with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Tap the “Allies” icon, which is just above the Settings icon at the bottom right corner of the home screen. This is where you can see your

ally code

and a space where you can enter your friend’s code to add him/her as your ally. The “Allies” screen also shows a list of players who have accepted your invitation.

5. Choose Your Hero Abilities Wisely

Depending on their class, each hero possesses different types of abilities. Some can inflict AoE damage, whereas others can stun their opponents. Make sure you equip various abilities to your hero.

Go to “Heroes”, tap a hero profile and press “Abilities” to see a list of abilities equipped by your hero. Press and hold an ability to see what impact it has on your opponents. There are 5 Ability slots of which the first three are customizable slots and can be replaced by other unlocked abilities. The first three slots usually contain abilities that inflict damage to a single or multiple enemies; whereas the last two abilities are usually self-targeted and usually contain abilities that generate power, heal, increase certain attributes such as accuracy, attack, defense, speed etc.

Before assigning abilities or switching to a new ability, check its stats and note down its features. Check the ability’s “Speed”, “Target” and upgrade benefits. Selecting “Fast” or “Very Fast” abilities will ensure that your hero attacks more often than his enemies.

6. How to Get New Hero Abilities and Upgrade Them

Completing tasks under “Trials” tab will help you gain ability upgrade stars. But for that you will have to reach a particular hero level. Reaching hero level 10 unlocks the special tasks under Trial and completing them will grant you stars, making your abilities more powerful.

To get new abilities, you can use the Experimental power cells to unlock 1-star abilities for your heroes. These power cells can be acquired by completing “Tasks” and “Daily Tasks”. You can also collect Ability Points to unlock them on a Hero’s Abilities tab.  Chances of getting ability points are more if you use a renewable power cell and quick charge power cell.

To purchase a new ability, go to Heroes and tap on a hero’s portrait. Select the “Abilities” tab. Tap on a slot under “Customizable Ability Slots”. You will see a list of locked and “Equipped” abilities appear on the screen. Tap and hold a locked ability. When a new window appears, press the buy button at the top right corner of the window to purchase it with AP points.

7. How to Find Research Items

Research items in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 can be used to quickly gain levels 10, 20 and 30. Gaining such a level unlocks various new features such as leader bonus and Hero trials. Once you find all research items for a particular level, you will need silver to complete research.

Research items are not easy to get, but you can easily find them. Tap on the Research tab and then long press on a research item. A new info box will be displayed on the screen, showing where the item can be found and the chances of finding them in a particular chapter or mission. 

8. Swap a Wounded Hero with a Reserve during Combat

When battling enemies, try to swap a badly-wounded hero with a reserve before he is killed in combat. When your hero’s turn comes, tap the swap icon, which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen, beside his portrait. Select a hero from your three “Reserves”. The badly-wounded hero will be replaced by a hero having full health.

9. Types of Power Cells at the Store and How to Get Them

Different types of power cells grant various abilities or heroes to the player:

Unstable Power Cell: Gives unstable ISO-8 to level-up or empower your hero. You might get these power cells after winning battles. Defeated enemies and bosses might drop them.

Quick Charge Power Cell: Gives a random ability, unstable ISO-8, gold, research material, ability points or silver. It’s a free power cell and refills in every few hours.

Renewable Power Cell: It’s a free power cell that refills in every 3-4 hours. Gives random silver, unstable ISO-8, gold, ability points or a research material.

Experimental Power Cell: You can get such power cells from defeated enemies. Experimental power cells can be used to unlock 1-star abilities.

Superior Power Cell will provide a random hero or ability. At first you will be able to use one or two for free, but later you will have to pay 25 gold to get one.

10. Empower Your Heroes before Every Boss Fight and Combat Level

You can empower your heroes whenever you like after acquiring an unstable ISO-8, but keep in mind that boss levels or a new combat level can be tough to win if you don’t have leveled-up heroes. When you level up a hero, he gets a stats boost, which can help him defeat tougher enemies without taking much damage. Use ISO-8s to level up your heroes faster and increase their stats before heading out for an all-important battle.

To empower or upgrade, go to Heroes and tap on a hero’s profile portrait. Select the Empower tab and tap on an unstable ISO-8 to place it on the empty slot at the bottom of the screen. You will need silver to complete upgrades. Try to add those unstable ISO-8s that belong to the same color-coded class of a hero to get extra XP.

For example:

Vision’s class is Infiltrator. The color of this class is purple. If you have a purple colored unstable ISO-8, then you should use it to get bonus XP. This will help him level up faster. Keep in mind that heroes in your team gain little XP after each battle is won, but using unstable ISO-8 is a sure shot way to level-up faster.

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