20 Minutes Till Dawn – Best Builds

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20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Photo: Erabit Studios

As time goes on, more and more games with outstanding graphics come out every day. However, rogue-like fans still love them.

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a great rogue-like game that will keep you entertained for a lot longer than 20 minutes, and it’s available on both Android and iOS.

The idea behind 20 Minutes Till Dawn is easy: stay alive until dawn, which is in 20 minutes.

As the player fights their way through waves of monsters, the horrifying dot images add to the spooky mood of 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

Infinite Flame

  • Character: Scarlett
  • First Tome: Tome of Rage OR Tome of Elements
  • Weapon: Flame Cannon

With every three shots, Scarlett’s ability fires a blast of fire that pierces enemies and hurts them.

Scarlett works well with the Flame Cannon and Burn upgrades like the Pyromaniac perk because the damage from this flame source stacks with other DOT effects.

It is best for players to increase the number of projectiles they have because it works so well with the Flame Cannon.

Also, players should try to get perks like Fire Starter and Pyro Mage.

Before you go into the 20 Minutes Till Dawn – Best Builds article below, take a minute to browse our game guides!

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios


  • Character: Abby
  • First Tome: Tome of Rage
  • Weapon: Cyclone Sword

For those who know how to use it right, the Cyclone Sword can be one of the strongest weapons in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

Abby is by far the best character to use with the Cyclone Sword, as her shot rate is double from the start, which synergizes well with the sword.

The best thing about Abby, though, is that she can shoot all of her leftover ammo in any direction. This build works great with that ability.

Throughout the run, players will want to try for the Death Sickle evolution and the Miniclip combo (achieved by taking Fan Fire and Fresh Clip).

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

They should also try to get as much shooting rate and bullet speed as possible.

If players are feeling strong towards the end game, taking Siege is a great addition that works well for clearing the map, but isn’t so helpful against some of the bosses.

Machine Dragon Shotgun

  • Character: Any
  • First Tome: Tome of Power
  • Weapon: Shotgun

This build works well for beginners because it’s not based on character, and so can be played out with Shana.

Furthermore, it’s easy to become strong quite early on with this build while also scaling into the end game with the Dragon call.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

For this build, players will need to take the Shotgun. The build revolves around boosting bullet range, fire rate, and damage.

Aim for high-impact upgrades like Big Shot, as well as abilities that can improve possible AOE such as Fan Fire and Splinter.

The mix of bullet spread and fire rate with the Shotgun, in combination with Big Shot, can create some broken situations when the proper upgrades are chosen, such as Fresh Clip and Fusillade.

The Dragon call isn’t completely required, but it can be extremely helpful in taking down bosses with its rising power.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

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Rapid Fire Storm

  • Character: Spark
  • First Tome: Tome of Elements
  • Weapon: Dual SMGs

This build is amazing in 20 Minutes Till Dawn since it’s basic and just requires a few upgrades to get started right away.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

Spark’s ability allows players a 50% chance of calling down a lightning strike on-hit, thus it’s no surprise that it works best with lightning upgrades and a high rate of fire.

The Dual SMGs are ideal for Spark because to their rapid firing rate.

Players should go straight for the Electro Mage perk, then continue on to Energized and Electro Mastery.

The former is the more essential since it provides players a 20% chance of refilling three ammunition with a lightning hit.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

Another excellent update to keep a lookout for is Double Shot. Taking the Dragon is optional, however it may aid scale damage and reduce dependence on lightning strikes.


  • Character: Abby
  • First Tome: Tome of Summoning
  • Weapon: Batgun

Because Abby’s ability enables players to dump their whole clip at once, the Batgun (or Grenade Launcher, though it’s arguably not as effective) works well with the character.

The Batgun shoots bats that hunt down foes and function as homing shots.This allows players to fire continuous blasts of homing bullets.

Although this is highly strong, the one disadvantage is that it stops players from targeting individual foes.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

To prevent unfortunate deaths, players must be conscious of their posture.

For this construct, players will want to get the Dragon as quickly as possible, as well as the Aged Dragon bonus.

This works best when taken early, since the damage scales. Because the Batgun’s bats work as both bullets and summons, their damage is scaled accordingly.

Players should also strive for Double Shot and Splinter in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, as well as the Gun Mastery synergy, which can be obtained by leveling up the Power Shot, Rapid Fire, and Armed and Ready perks.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
Photo: Erabit Studios

Final Thoughts on 20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn offers endless fun for rogue-like fans. Survive till dawn against ghastly monsters with unique characters and weapons.

From Scarlett’s fiery blasts to Abby’s strategic swordplay, each character brings exciting gameplay.

With simple yet engaging mechanics, 20 Minutes Till Dawn promises hours of thrilling action. Choose your strategy wisely and conquer the night!

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