15 Of The Most Relaxing Mobile Games For A Sense Of Calm

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2023)

In today’s age, there are numerous game genres to choose from. Some gamers are looking for relaxing mobile games to play, while others are looking for action-packed mobile games to play.

Older generations had limited games such as Snake on a Nokia 3310, when it was just released. Those days it was the hype of the century.

Now, we have evolved to Rpg, Action, Calming, and Simulation games, to mention only a few on a very long list.

In this article, we will delve into 15 of the most relaxing games, specifically catering to those gamers that would like to game without having to break their brains.

1. Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga
Photo: King

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a puzzle match game developed by King, and is available to download from the Play Store. Your goal is to match candies to advance to the next level.


  • Match three puzzle game
  • Special candy when matching four candies or more
  • Friends can gift you
  • New game modes

This fun-to-play, addictive game is one of many relaxing mobile games. You don’t have to be online all the time and there is no rush to complete levels. Match the candies and do the required tasks to pass levels.

Candy Crush Friends Saga
Photo: King

With no specific deadline to complete a level, you can take your time while playing Candy Crush Friends Saga.

There are events that you can choose to compete in, however, it is not a requirement for you to compete in these events. For more tips on Candy Crush Friends Saga, click here.

2. Knotwords

Knotwords is a word game, developed by Noodlecake, and is available to download from the Play Store. Your goal is to match words and acquire as many words as possible.

Photo: Noodlecake


  • Using the examples already placed in the blocks, solve the puzzles
  • Each step guides you to the correct answer
  • Daily puzzles are available

Knotwords is similar to a crossword puzzle. You will get clues from the beginning, which will help you to solve the puzzle. Words are vertical and horizontal.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to try and guess which letters should be placed in the blocks.

The letters are already given to you, but you will need to try and figure out where to place them to produce a word. For helpful tips on Knotwords, click here.

3. Boba Story

Boba Story is a crafting game, developed by B-Tech Consulting Group, and is available to download from the Play Store. Your main objective is to craft recipes for customers in your shop.

Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group


  • Awesome recipes to choose from
  • Mix your own concoctions, without the customers being unhappy
  • Build your shop by completing gaining enough currency
  • Mini-bonuses that increase your income

Boba Story is another one of those relaxing mobile games that don’t require you to sit continuously on the game and is not as demanding as some games.

Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

With so many different recipes that you can craft, there are many ways to progress in the game, without having to struggle too much to advance. For more game tips on Boba Story, click here.

4. Gardenscapes

Photo: Playrix

Gardenscapes is by far one of the most relaxing mobile games to play. Developed by Playrix, this puzzle game is available to download from the Play Store. Your goal is to fix the garden by completing various puzzles, and then creating buildings and things to make your garden more appealing to the eyes.


  • Complete multiple puzzles that help you to advance
  • Stylize your garden to your preference
  • Interact with characters in the game for a laugh
Photo: Playrix

Gardenscapes has plenty of puzzles that are entertaining and easy enough to complete. Sit back and relax while making your garden look amazing.

Have fun with solving puzzles, and breaking records. For strategies to help you progress even further, click here.

5. Idle Wizard School

Idle Wizard is one of those games that crafting gamers will love. Developed by BattleCry, and available to download from the Play Store, this idle game is a favorite in the most relaxing games category.

Idle Wizard School
Photo: BattleCry


  • Construct a school to boost your income
  • Hire a witch and wizard to teach the students
  • Quests are available to help you obtain your goal
  • Spell casting and magical skills can be learned by the students.

Teach students magic and earn an income in this idle game. You are able to max out things in order to receive better income, for example, maxing out the dormitory beds will enable you to receive new students.

For more game tips on Idle Wizard school, feel free to click on the link here.

6. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is a game developed by King, and is available to download from the Play Store. The aim of the game is to match bubbles by shooting the same color bubble at rows of bubbles on the top of your screen.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Photo: King


  • Blast bubbles of three or more colors to remove them
  • Play different levels, with varying tasks on different levels
  • Variety of chapters to choose from once unlocked
  • Reach certain levels to obtain rewards

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is one of those relaxing mobile games you cannot put down. Once you pass a level, you will want to get to the next level, and it doesn’t stop there.

By matching 3 or more bubbles, you will be able to fulfill the tasks set out for you with ease.

You have nothing chasing you, so this is a chill game to play. For more tips on Bubble Witch 3 Saga, please see the link here.

7. Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon

Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon, developed by Yolo Games, is a building game available to download from the Play Store. Your main objective in this game is to build your very own dream hotel, by merging 3 or more objects.

Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon
Photo: Yolo Games


  • Build according to your own personalized style
  • Plant crops and cook various recipes
  • Dress your characters
  • Collect animals
  • Events are available to help you on your journey

Any builder would enjoy this game, as there are various features available to make this a better gaming experience.

The above-mentioned features are only a few of the things you are able to do in this game. For a more detailed description of Merge Topia Hotel Tycoon, check out this article, here.

8. Creatures Of The Deep

Creatures Of The Deep is a fishing game, that allows you to spend hours trying to catch that big one. Developed by Infinite Dreams, this is one of the most relaxing mobile games available on the Play Store.

Creatures Of The Deep
Photo: Infinite Dreams


  • Over 100 fish, items, creatures, and monsters are available to catch
  • Challenge players
  • Solve various mysteries
  • Help clean the ocean
  • Build your camp
Creatures Of The Deep
Photo: Infinite Dreams

With various types of fishing gear, lures, and bait to enable a successful catch, this game requires nothing more than for you to catch fish and build your camp.

There is no timeline and you can play according to the time that suits you.

For a detailed description of what Creatures Of The Deep is about, check this link here.

9. My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever is a virtual pet game, developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, and is available to download on the Play Store. Older generations may remember this game from their youth, having had their very own Tamagotchi.

My Tamagotchi Forever
Photo: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe


  • Raise your pet and give them love
  • Feed, bathe, and clean up after your pet in order for your pet to evolve
  • Various Tamagotchis to choose from, collect them all
  • Share special moments with friends

For more details on how to play Tamagotchi Forever, click here.

10. My Little Terrarium

My Little Terrarium is an idle game, developed by 1IN1 and is available to download on the Play Store.

My Little Terrarium
Photo: 1IN1


  • Grow seedlings and care for them
  • Create your own garden
  • Invite animal friends to your garden
  • Classical music to play for your plants

When you are looking for relaxing mobile games to play, having your own terrarium is a fun way to pass your time and relax at the same time. Classical music can help soothe you, as well as your plants.

For guides and tips, check out this article here.

11. My Dear Farm

My Dear Farm is another farming sim game, that allows gamers to manage their own mini-farm. Developed by HyperBeard, My Dear Farm is available to download in the Play Store.

My Dear Farm
Photo: HyperBeard


  • Grow your own crops
  • Change the appearance of your character, hairstyle, and pet
  • Sell your crops once they have been harvested, earn your income
  • Collect decorations and furniture to stylize your farm

My Dear Farm is fun to play for those gamers looking for relaxing mobile games to play. With features allowing you to set up your mini-farm, there is not a lot of mind-breaking tasks required from you.

More tricks and strategies on My Dear Farm can be found here.

12. Production Chain Tycoon

Production Chain Tycoon is easy to play and requires minimal effort on your part. Developed by RSGapps, this game produces income even when you are offline and is available to download on the Play Store.

Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps


  • Produce essential resources to start a chain reaction
  • Manage supply and demand chains by making sure you have enough resources
  • Learn to manage resources and max out resources
  • Strategically place structures in order to gain the most benefits
Production Chain Tycoon
Photo: RSGapps

Production Chain Tycoon is easy to play, requires minimal effort, and is a no-brainer for gamers seeking relaxing mobile games to wind down.

For the ultimate guide on how to play Production Chain Tycoon, click the link here.

13. Tsuki’s Odyssey

Tsuki’s Odyssey is a passive adventure game developed by HyperBeard and is available to download in the Play Store. Your goal is to decorate your home while making friends and doing all sorts of extra activities.

Tsuki's Odyssey
Photo: HyperBeard


  • Decorate your home
  • Catch Tsuki in time to participate in events
  • Catch fish
  • Real-time gameplay according to your timezone

Tsuki’s Odyssey is a fun-filled game with various activities that will keep you entertained for a while. For more tips on gameplay, check out the link here.

14. KleptoCats

KleptoCats is an interactive cat collection game, developed by HyperBeard and available in the Play Store. The goal of the game is to collect as many cats as possible, for fur-lovers out there, this is an amazing game to play.

Photo: HyperBeard


  • Collect hundreds of adorable cats
  • Watch as they help decorate your home
  • Interact with your cats by feeding them, washing, and petting them

Hard to see why gamers that would like some relaxing time would not choose this game. For more of a walkthrough on Kleptocats, take the time to read the link here.

    15. Pocket Love

    Pocket Love is very similar to My Dear Farm. Developed by HyperBeard and available to download in the Play Store, Pocket Love is a farming sim that allows you to move into a new home and spruce it up.

    Pocket Love
    Photo: HyperBeard


    • Customize your very own perfect couple
    • Various hairstyles, skin colors, and many more to choose from
    • Build and design your home according to your preference
    • Share your gaming experience with screenshots
    • Mini-games to make your gaming experience more enjoyable

    With various items and decorations available, you can alter the way your home looks, and build the perfect setting. Pocket Love certainly makes our list of relaxing mobile games to play.

    For strategies that help you to progress in Pocket Love, see the link here.


    With so many different genres in gaming, perhaps this list will help you sort through some of the most relaxing mobile games to play.

    From puzzle games to farming games, among others, the extensive and ever-evolving world of gaming is growing all the time. Thanks for reading!

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