10 Best Merge Games on Android

Best Merge Games on Android

There are tons of merge games on Android, from the iconic 2048 to the weird “Poo Merge”. 2048 was a pure puzzle game, but almost all merge games today are quest-based and let players combine various items to fight monsters, create powerful spells and defeat enemies. It can be a tough job searching for the best merge game for Android, but we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of games that are extremely addictive and perfect time-wasters: 

Best Merge Games on Android

Make the “Warrior” more powerful by fusing items. Combine two identical items to create a stronger object. Merge Star also lets you fuse stars to obtain special items.

There are over 100 weapons, shields, pets and other items waiting to be unlocked. Combining items gets very addictive once you explore newer areas, which can be done by upgrading the warrior. The hand-drawn graphics are simply beautiful. The game’s pretty addictive and an ideal time-waster for lazy Sunday afternoons. 

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A one-of-a-kind city-builder inspired by the epic puzzle game, Age of 2048 lets you build cities and advance through several civilizations by merging blocks of the same type. All you have to do is swipe same blocks to construct buildings and wonders.

As you keep discovering wonders, you progress through different civilizations from the stone age to the space age. While merging blocks, you will have to be careful not to lose space or commit mistakes. Thankfully, the game provides tools to undo your moves and clean buildings you don’t need to get more space. One of the best merge games on Android, Age of 2048 has simple, but stunning graphics and the level design is implemented extremely well.  

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Inspired by retro shooters, DragonSky is a vertical scrolling shooter.  In this game, you will be commanding a thunder of dragons to crush rivals. But there’s a slight twist in gameplay - along with battling enemies, you will also be combining smaller dragons to create legendary fire-breathing creatures.

A powerful dragon has better skills, and can be used in boss battles. DragonSky’s auto-battle mode offers non-stop excitement, and the ability to fuse dragons adds a lot of fun to this idle shooter game.  

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Don’t let the title fool you. This game isn’t about zombie beauty contests. It’s about fusing these pesky biters to create deadlier zeds. Being a mad scientist, your goal is to be the best villain and to make your dreams come true, you have invented a “zombie pumping machine” that spits out zed heads at a touch of a button.  

In the lobby, you will have to fuse two zombies of the same type to make a stronger zombie. The best part of this merge game is that zombies fuse on their own once they enter the lobby. But the fun does not stop here. You will then take them to battle zone, where they will fight monsters on their own. World Zombie Contest has over 50 different types of zombies and monsters, plus there are several perks and feature that make gameplay more enjoyable. 

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Mage Dice is another interesting merge game for Android. Combine same dice to cast various spells and defeat waves of enemies to defend your castle. The mage on the center stage casts magical spells as soon as a moving line passes through dice.

Each die has a unique color. Different colors cast different spells. But merging dice isn’t as easy as it seems. While combining, you will not only have to find two dice of the same color, but also the same number of dots on them. For example: You can merge two red bordered dice, each with one dot and so on.  

A powerful dice made from the combination of two stronger dice will cast a powerful spell than others. Other than dice, you will also collect runes that will make your spells stronger, and can be very useful against bosses. 

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It’s a “battle royal” puzzle game where you fuse two identical weapons to forge a new one. Just fuse two weapon tiles to create more powerful weapons such as rocket launchers, laser guns and a lot more. Your goal is to build the largest weapon inventory by unlocking several hidden guns.  

You will also get a chance to discover rare weapons and skins. Some of the weapons are inspired by popular battle royale games, and you might be familiar with them if you have played Fortnite or PubG. The game’s very addictive and there are over 400 weapons to discover.  

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Merge Tower Bots is a tower defense game with a twist. You will have to combine two tower robots of the same type to create a powerful bot and place it along the path of monsters to destroy them.  

As you fuse and build new towers, you will come across tougher monsters. You must create powerful towers and strategically place the strongest robots to eliminate them before they reach their destination.  

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If World Zombie Conquest was all ‘bout merging the infected to create powerful zombies, MasherZ is about making monstrous four-wheelers to squish those brain-eaters to pulp.  

A dangerous experiment causes an epidemic and it’s all up to you to eliminate the undead menace. The best way to destroy them is to develop deadly vehicles. Just combine two vehicles of the same type to create a zombie-killing machine.  

There are various types of vehicles ranging from race cars to huge trucks. Each of these vehicles have varying speeds. To create high-speed vehicles, just keep merging four-wheelers to develop the ultimate Z-buster!  

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Robin Hood Legends is a “merge 3” game that revolves around the adventures of a female Robin Hood. The evil Sheriff of Nottingham had made poor people’s lives miserable and Robin Hood must act fast to liberate them from his nefarious plans.  

Solve puzzles by matching three identical objects to help Robin complete her quests and finally get rid of the wicked Sheriff to bring stability in Sherwood Forest.  

While fusing items, you will discover unique merge boosts, complete quests and find new bonuses by merging more than three items. Puzzles can be tricky. There will be traps such as water carousels that will make merging item more difficult for you. But you can outsmart AI using your brains and with help of certain special items to help Robin Hood.

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One of the merge games on Android, Merge Dragons lets you combine everything in a mystical world of dragons, magic and mythical creatures. To get rid of the void cast by the evil “Zomblins”, you must heal Dragonia by combining plants, flowers, stars and dragon eggs.  

There are more than five hundred unique objects to merge and over 30 different dragon breeds to discover! Just drag and combine all objects to solve 180 challenging puzzle levels and discover hidden objects and levels. The combination possibilities are HUGE, with a whopping 1500 new items to discover!   

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