10 Best Android Games like Animal Restaurant

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Animal Restaurant’s popularity shows that people love simple, relaxing games. It’s a management simulation game where players learn new recipes, cook dishes and serve them to various animals. Since it’s a restaurant sim game like My Café: Recipes and Stories, players will be able to decorate their eatery with stylish furniture from various continents, such as Europe, Asian and Mediterranean.

Best games like Animal Restaurant

As the owner of this restaurant, your job is to have a steady stream of customers, hire staff, make your restaurant attractive and promote your restaurant through various advertisements. As more and more animals gather at your restaurant, you will listen to their stories, secrets and gossip. You can also engage with them and change their lives once you get to know them better.  

The game introduces new features and goodies at regular intervals, so players won’t get bored soon. But I know you want more and just one good game won’t suffice, so here are some of the best Android games like Animal Restaurant:

[mv_create key=”39″ type=”list” title=”Adorable Games Like Animal Restaurant” thumbnail=”https://www.playoholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/9ZstxqnNp1KKaWbKtIjuuKxHhbGMMMj6Ps9dq-L0g1_06v02NTUEMmGBaGL2kPO2rOVl.jpg” layout=”numbered”]
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