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Jelly Cube Guide: Tips, Hints and Strategies for New Players

Zplay and Eureka Studio’s Jelly Cube is an adorably addictive match-3 puzzle game. The game’s match-3 mechanics is very different from other games. Instead of swapping objects, you will need to slide a plate up, down, left and right to move and match 3 or more jellies of the same color. Sounds difficult? Well, everything will be easy once you start practicing, and the game has a very nice and detailed tutorial that will help you understand the slide-n-match mechanics. However, if you have missed some rules, then check out this in-depth guide plus a few useful tips and hints, which will help you score more points, compete with other players and complete quests:

How to Play

Swipe up to move the jellies forward up. Swiping down will make the jellies slide down. Swiping left will move jellies to the left side and swiping right will make them slide to the right side of the plate.

When you swipe up, down, left or right, all jellies roll to one side of the plate. So if you swipe down, then all jelly cubes will roll down. And if there are 3 or more same-colored jellies placed next to each other, they will be destroyed. The destroyed cubes will be replaced by a new lot of jellies, but they will appear randomly all over the plate.

Your goal is to get rid of as many jellies as you can and complete quests to earn rewards. Keep an eye on the countdown. If you don’t tilt the plates to move jelly cubes before the countdown ends, new cubes will appear when timer hits zero. These new cubes will occupy more squares, making it harder to find a match and get rid of them. Your goal should to bet empty the plate as soon as possible to score more points and complete objectives.

Before hitting the play button to get quests, I would recommend playing the practice mode. The practice icon can be found just beside the big play button. In Practice mode, lives are not consumed, so you can practice jelly-matching as long as you can without worrying about losing hearts. Once you are ready to roll those colorful jellies, hit the play button and start completing quests for rewards. You can also check out these beginner-level tips and hints. They will help you destroy more jellies, make the most of fever mode and special jellies:

1. Check the Position of Each Jelly before Tilting the Plate

Before swiping up, down, left and right, see whether swiping in any one direction results into a match or not. Scan the plate to check the position of each jelly cube, including those that belong to the same color. You should tilt the plate in that direction where same-colored jellies could be rolled and stacked up next to each other. You will have a few seconds to scan the board and spot potential matches. Don’t panic and blindly swipe in any direction to match jellies. Just make sure you tilt the plate before the countdown timer runs out.

At first it will be easy for you to match jellies, but at a later stage, you will have to try to match more jelly cubes to create special jellies and pull off combos to get rid of more cubes. You can pull off a combo by matching two sets of same-colored jellies at the same time. Example: If tilting the plate matches 3 red and 3 blue cubes simultaneously, you have successfully pulled off a combo. You will earn extra points for every combo.

2. Guide to Special Jelly Cubes

Dynamite Jelly: You will have to match 5 jellies of the same color to create a dynamite jelly. The dynamite icon appears on a random jelly soon after you match 5 cubes of the same color. Check the color of the dynamite jelly cube and match it with two more cubes of the same color to trigger a cross-shaped blast. The cross-shaped blast will remove any jelly that comes in its way.

Chameleon Jelly: I have noticed that this special jelly appears when you match 6 jellies of the same color or two sets of three jellies of the same color (Example: 3 Red and 3 Blue). The chameleon jelly takes the color of two jellies placed next to each other. So if there are two yellow jelly cubes placed next to the chameleon jelly, it will change to yellow color and all three yellow jellies will be destroyed. The chameleon jelly can be very useful to get a color match in case there are only two jellies placed next to each other.

Gold Jelly: When a gold jelly appears on the plate, match it immediately with two or more jellies of the same color. The gold jelly will have a gold coin icon on any cube. Mentally note down the color of the cube and then tilt the plate to match it with two or more jellies of the same color to destroy it. You will get some gold once the gold jelly is destroyed.

Angel Jelly: When this jelly appears, use it only when there’s an obstacle jelly on the plate. It’s really difficult to get rid of an obstacle jelly. Ice and chained jellies are some examples of obstacle jellies. An Ice jelly cube needs to be matched twice to destroy it, whereas a chained jelly remains in a fixed position and can’t be moved. Angel Jelly takes care of such jellies.

3. How to get Fever Mode

In Fever mode, you can match and destroy only 2 cubes instead of three, so you should try to get into this mode of gameplay as often as possible.

To trigger fever mode, you will have to collect “fever values”, which are denoted by white stars. These stars appear on the left and right side of the plate. You will have to make consecutive jelly matches to get fever values. You get 2 fever values for every match. You will have to make 5 consecutive jelly matches to earn 10 fever values and this is when the Fever mode gets triggered. Do note that if you get 2 consecutive matches and then fail to match cubes, all stars that you have earned so far will disappear and you will have to start matching cubes again to collect them. You must get 5 matches in a row to trigger fever mode

Once the fever mode is activated, it will become easy for you to match jellies as you will have to match only two instead of 3 jellies. The stars disappear one by one, so be quick and match as many jellies as possible before all stars disappear.

Jelly Cube is Out Now On iOS 

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