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Don’t Grind: Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

Laser Dog’s Don’t Grind lets you tap the screen to save a “grindable” from getting crushed by saw blades. But the angel of death, with its sharp blades, laser guns, rocket launchers and anvils will make sure the poor guy does not survive for too long.

Obstacles will keep appearing on the screen every few seconds and you will have to tap, swipe and hold the screen to avoid getting hit by them. It’s not easy to get past them, especially when two obstacles are approaching from the left and right side of the screen. But with some practice, you will reach a better score and complete quests. These tips, hints and strategies might come in handy:

1. Light Taps, Swipes and Holds: Master These Controls to Earn More Points

Light taps will let you collect coins that keep appearing on the screen. Tapping the screen will keep the object up in the air, but keep an eye on on-screen indicators that warn you of incoming danger.
Tapping and holding the screen will make the object jump higher. Tap and hold the screen to keep your grindable higher up in the air when you see obstacles appearing in the middle of the screen just to make sure it does not drop on them. 

You should swipe left or right when you spot on-screen indicators on your screen. Observe the direction of the indicator and then quickly swipe to the opposite direction to avoid getting hit. Swiping can be tricky, especially when indicators quickly appear on both left and right side of the screen. It’s a skill game, hence you will have to practice a lot before you can master the above three controls. Obstacles can be very unpredictable and you will have to be very quick in juggling objects from one point to another to save them from getting crushed by saw blades.

2. Keep an Eye on an On-Screen Indicator’s Arrow and Color

An on-screen indicator will appear every now and then warning you of incoming obstacles, which could range from saw blades to laser guns. Along with the symbol, note down the direction beside it. A moving arrow suggests that the obstacle will move in that direction.

If the arrow is pointing downwards, then the obstacle will appear at the top of the screen and go down. If the arrow does not move, then probably the obstacle won’t move and stay where it is for a few seconds. You will have to change your tap strategy based on the position and arrows

An indicator has a warning symbol (triangle with an exclamation mark). Red triangle suggests large objects and saw blades, whereas yellow triangles warn of laser beams.

3. When Life Gives You a Second Chance, Grab It. Even If It Forces You to Watch an Ad

But the good thing is that the ad appears after your grindable gets crushed for the second time in the game. Don’t Grind gives you a second chance when you do pretty well jumping, avoiding saws and other assorted obstacles and collecting stars. A “Keep Going” message will be shown soon after the saw blades rip your objects apart.

4. How to Get All Grindables

The Grindables, i.e. fruits, veggies and various other objects that can be easily crushed have some really funny names. And it does not matter which grindable you choose, the result will always be the same – Death. Crushed to death to be precise. However, it’s fun collecting these morose looking objects.

To get them, you will have to complete the “Daily Medals” quests and earn stars. Tasks can range from getting skimmed twice to reaching a “megascore” (the points that you score in every session is added to the mega score). Quests change every day. At first, quests are easy to complete, but once you finish the bronze quest, you will have a tough time completing the silver quest and so on.

You can also get a grindable by watching a video. The video offer appears randomly, but when you spot one, do accept it. You will receive a random object after you have finished watching.

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