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Tricky Test 2 Halloween Solutions and Walkthrough for Questions 81-100

Tricky Test 2’s latest update adds 20 new Halloween-themed puzzles and I must say some of them are designed in such a way that will definitely make you pull your hair out in frustration.

Now I don’t want you to cheat and look for answers in this walkthrough, but in case you don’t want to be tricked by some extremely knotty questions, then go on, check out these answers. The solutions in this article are for Halloween special puzzles numbered 81-100:

Tricky Test 2 Halloween Answers to Questions 81-100

81. Place your finger on the skull’s eyes and then tap the candy.

82. Press the big pumpkin with your finger. Now shake your smartphone quickly and only the pumpkin to your right will shake.

83. This is one weirdly tricky puzzle! Press the finger against the eyeball and shake your smartphone.

84. Press and hold the ghost to avoid getting caught by it. Press, hold and move your finger in circular motion for at least 5 seconds.

85. Press and drag the wire down and another socket will be revealed. Tap on this socket.

86. The answer depends on the full skulls on the screen + remaining lives. You will have to drag one half of a skull to the other to get one skull. Do this for other halves and you will have 5 skulls. Now look at the remaining skulls (i.e. lives) on the top of the screen. Add the remaining skulls to these 5 skulls to get the answer.

87. For this question, your smartphone should be in an inverted position. Now shake your phone and fake bats will fall down. The middle bat is the real bat as it did not fall down when the device was shaken.

88. Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), on the top-left corner of the screen. Now tap the “Home” button.

89. Tap and drag the yellow umbrella towards the upper part of the ice cream (the one to the left side of the umbrella) to make it edible.

90. In this question, you will have to make toast “A” thicker by dragging Toast “B” to Toast A. Then tap “A”.

91. This is one of the trickiest questions that may reduce several IQ points. You will first have to press the yellow colored dot and a new question says “What’s the color of the dot now”. Because you have pressed it, you cannot see, and you cannot remove your finger off the screen. A screengrab will do, but then you will have to check it on another smartphone or tablet PC to see what color the dot is.

92. Press the empty area on the left side of the tennis-racquet like device. The mosquito will fly towards your finger and get zapped by the zapper.

93. Tap the empty box and then type the words between “Enter and “to continue” shown at the top of the screen. Now press the “Submit” button.

94. Press and drag the third bulb (the one to your extreme right) away from the screen. Now tap on the switch to your extreme left to turn on all bulbs.

95. Press and drag the jelly artwork on the first empty box. Now drag the fish artwork on the second empty box. Finally drag the green jellyfish artwork on the third empty box.

96. Place both fingers on the window curtains and pinch outwards to open. Nothing will happen. Well, you will have to wait until the sun shines and the sunlight will wake up the girl.

97. Close the test-tube by pressing the opening and then shake your smartphone to mix chemicals.

98.  Another tricky question where your device has to be in an inverted position. That’s the only way you can solve this puzzle.

99. The answer is (B)lue, (G)reen, (P)urple, (R)ed, (Y)ellow. All color names should be arranged in alphabetical order.

100. The highest number is 23212, so tap it first. Next, tap the second highest number, which is 3104. Now here’s the tricky part. You will also have to tap your IQ number at the top-right corner of the screen. This will be your third-highest number. Finally tap -219 and the lowest number, i.e. -1222. Clever puzzle!

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