Marvel Tsum Tsum: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Marvel Tsum Tsum will make you fall in love with those plushy adorable Marvel characters. I know it’s something most fans won’t digest. Marvel characters and cute? Nah! But trust me, you will and you will surely head straight to Disney stores to buy those collectible plush toys.

Developed by NHN Playart, Mixi’s cute puzzler lets you connect 3 or more Tsums of the same type to clear them. The game has two modes: Stage and Battle. The latter lets you fight and defeat Marvel super-villains by clearing as many Tsums as possible and using special powers and skills of your Leader Tsum to drain your enemy’s HP before he defeats you.

The game has plenty of Marvel Tsums to collect. You will need to buy a box containing a random Tsum with Orbs. There’s also a nice little Co-op mode that lets you team-up with your friend to defeat an enemy. Check out these quick, tips, hints and strategies if you want to win battles comfortably, earn more stars, know where to find rare ISO-8s and get higher combos:

1. Create a Long Chain

Create long chains of Tsums to earn more points/drain enemy’s HP faster. Just tap a Tsum and all connected Tsums will glow. This way you can easily identify whether a chain is long or short.

Try to create a chain of 7 Tsums or more to make a Bomb. The bomb can be useful in clearing surrounding Tsums. Chances of clearing more Tsums are higher if the bomb sits in the middle instead of corners of the game board.

Try to string a long chain of Tsums of the selected Leader character. This will fill your team leader’s skill and SP bar faster.

2. More Tsums You Clear, More Will Fall from Above

New Tsums fall from above when you clear 3 or more characters of the same type. If you string longer chains, then more and more Tsums will keep falling from the top. You may also get a Big Tsum. The Big Tsum itself contains 5 or probably more Tsums and will give you plenty of coins when you connect it with other Tsums of the same type. Try to clear as many Tsums as possible, especially those that sit on the bottom of the game board

3. Trick to Get High Combos

To get high combos in Marvel Tsum Tsum, you can create shorter chains. Combos are achieved when you create one chain after another in quick succession. A chain is created when you connect 3 or more Tsums of the same type.  You fail to get a combo when you take more time in stringing a chain of Tsums right after the previous chain.

If you are aiming to get more combos, quickly string chains of 3 or 4 Tsums one after the other. You can create a long chain in between shorter chains, but just make sure to keep the combo intact by creating a series of shorter chains immediately after stringing one or two long chains.

4. How to Defeat Enemies in Battle Mode

In battle mode, your goal is to drain enemy’s HP to 0 by connecting Tsums. The more Tsums you clear, the faster the enemy’s HP (Yellow stamina bar) drains. However, bear in mind that enemies will also attack in intervals and each enemy has a unique way of attacking. Not only will the enemy launch special attacks and skills to drain your leader character’s HP, but also try his best to shuffle Tsums in such a way that you won’t be able to create long chains. Some may even make all connected Tsums disappear. Your goal is to drain his HP as fast as possible and these tips and hints will help you do so:

1. Before battle starts, note down the attribute of your team leader and your enemy. There are three attributes – Power (P), Blast (B) and Speed (S).
  • Power is stronger than Blast
  • Blast is stronger than Speed
  • Speed is Stronger than Power

On the battle info screen (see the screenshot above), you will notice arrows beside your leader character’s icon and enemy Tsum. A red Up arrow beside leader’s icon indicates that his attribute is stronger than enemy’s. A down blue arrows shows that the leader’s attribute is weaker than the enemy.

The first thing you should do is change your leader Tsum if there’s a down blue arrow beside his icon. Also note down the enemy’s attribute’s letter (P, B or S), which can be seen beside his icon. Tap "Cancel" if your team leader’s attribute is weaker than the enemy’s attribute.

Next, tap the “TsumTsum” button at the bottom of the screen. You will have to replace your current Team leader with another. To do this, drag the character whose attribute is stronger than the enemy’s attribute to the “Leader” box. (Assuming you have already noted down the enemy’s attribute).

Go to the battle screen again and this time you will see your selected leader and the red arrow pointing up beside his icon.

In case you don’t have a character with a stronger attribute, you can choose someone who has the same attribute. So if the enemy’s attribute is Power (P), then choose a team leader whose attribute is also Power (P). This will at least ensure an even battle.

2. A Bomb placed close to an enemy will deal more damage than one that’s located far away. Try to connect Tsums in such a way that the bomb is close to the enemy.

3. Create long chains of leader Tsums to fill its Skill and SP meter faster. The skill meter will fill faster and when it does tap it to inflict extra damage to enemy.

4. Fill the Rush bar by clearing as many Tsums as possible. When the Rush bar is activated, the enemy takes extra damage until the bar is active. Once the bar reaches the end, the enemy will stop taking extra damage.

5. Before start of battle in any Stage, check reward conditions. There will be different types of battle conditions, such as defeating an enemy under 60 seconds to get 3 stars or create 12+ chains to get 3 stars. Fulfilling battle conditions will get you more stars. Battle conditions vary from one enemy to the other.

5. When You Purchase a New Character, Immediately Unlock Its SP or Special

A character’s SP (Special) can be of immense use in battle. Each character has a unique Special attack, which deals more damage than the usual skill attacks. A character’s SP meter requires more Leader Tsums to fill, but the effect it has on the enemy is totally worth the wait.

To unlock SP of a Marvel character you will need to spend only 1 White ISO-8 and some coins. White ISO-8 is not easy to get, but you can earn them by completing extra levels of a stage, which can be unlocked by reaching star target. Bonus levels appear at the end of the last level of a stage and are usually followed by a Lock icon. To unlock, collect the required number of stars. For example: In stage 2, you will need 36 stars to unlock extra levels. In case you fall short of the required number of stars, you can replay older missions of the same stage to earn missing stars.

You also get White ISO-8s as launch gifts. Completing achievements is also another way to earn white ISO-8. On the Home screen, there’s a menu icon (three horizontal lines) to your left. Tap it to access a new “Mission” window. It features a variety of tasks and completing each task will provide rewards ranging from Orbs to rare ISO-8s like the Pink ISO-8, White ISO-8, Green ISO-8 etc.

6. Choose Your Boosters Wisely

Whether you are battling enemies or completing a normal level, a booster can be prove very handy in helping you win. There are different types of boosters. A set of boosters that appear before playing a level depends on the game mode.

In battle mode, you will find boosters like +HP, +Large, +Bomb, +Delay. 
  • If you choose +HP, your leader’s HP will increase by 10 percent. You will need to spend 1000 coins.
  • If you select +Large, the chances of a big Tsum appearance will be higher. Requires Tickets.
  • If you choose +Bomb, then you can make a bomb by connecting only 6 Tsums instead of the usual 7. 1500 Coins
  • If you choose +Delay, then enemy movement will slow down. 1800 Coins.
In normal levels, the following boosters are available:
  • +Score – Increases the score by 10 percent. Requires 500 coins.
  • +Time – Increases the time by 5 seconds. Spend 1000 coins to buy this booster.
  • +Large - Chances of dropping a big Tsum are higher. Requires 2 tickets.
  • +Bomb – You will need to string a chain of 6 Tsums to create a bomb. That’s one less Tsum. 1500 Coins
  • 5 > 4 – The game will start with one less Tsum type. Lesser Tsum type – more duplicate Tsums of the same type will fall from above. 1800 Coins.
In battle mode, I would recommend selecting +HP and +Delay. You should select one of these boosters for hard-to-beat enemies, especially for “Normal” and “Above” difficulty level.

For stage levels, you can choose any booster, but select +Score and 5 > 4, will help you get a high score and earn more than one star.

7. Level Up Your Tsums to Get an Edge in Battle

Tsums in your team, including the leader, get some EXP after finishing a level. Every time a character levels up, It’s HP, ATK and Defense increases. You can increase your Leader Tsum’s stats instantly by leveling up using EXP Booster (Sun).  They can quickly level up a Marvel character in your team. Battling someone using a leader Tsum who has better stats may help you win battles comfortably.

You will get EXP booster by completing levels or as daily rewards and launch gifts. Look for special challenges under “Battle” to get Boosters. The EXP Booster stage is one example of a challenge. Such challenges have three difficulty modes – Easy, Normal and Hard. The tougher the battle, the more rewards you will receive after beating an enemy.

8. How to Get Rare ISO-8

You will need EXP boosters to level up a character, but what about skills, special or abilities of each character? They too can be upgraded, but for that you will need ISO-8. Now it’s very easy to get yellow ISO-8s. You just need to earn stars in every level to get them. Each star earned will get you one yellow ISO-8. But to level up special and ability, you will need uncommon or rare ISO-8s (White/Green/Pink/Red etc.). Here’s how to get them:

To get white ISO-8, you will need to unlock additional levels of a stage. These bonus levels can be unlocked when you meet the star requirement. You may have to replay previous levels to earn all three, or at least 2 stars in each level to easily unlock bonus levels.

Try completing achievements in the “Mission” section to get Pink, Green and Red ISO-8. The achievements list can be accessed by tapping the menu button (3 horizontal lines).

Look for limited-time special challenges in “Battle” that offer ISO-8 rewards.  There’s a special “ISO-8 Challenge” that appears on certain days and offers rewards like Red/Blue/Green ISO-8s. Other challenges may also offer a random ISO-8 reward, but you will have to win Normal or Hard battles to get uncommon ISO-8s.

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