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5 Android Apps Every Pokemon Go Player Should Have on his Phone

The Go craze has reached new heights, and players can’t stop gushing about how awesome the game is. The augmented reality game brings the Pokemon world back to life, but this time you will catch ‘em all in real-world locations. Armed with a GPS-enabled smartphone, you will have to physically travel to different places to explore the Go world and catch virtual monsters, fight rival trainers and control gyms. No game encourages real-world interaction as Go does, which is why it’s so popular among young and old alike, even those who have not played a single Pokemon game in their entire life. It’s not just a game, but also a great social network that fosters team-building.

For the serious Go player, having the app installed on his smartphone won’t suffice. He needs extra tools to help him capture rare creatures, find gyms and stops, get the latest news and views, chat with fellow trainers, check server status, and conserve battery life. These Pokemon Go apps will come real handy and help players become the best trainers:
1. Map for Pokemon Go

Are you dismayed by the fact that Niantic killed most Pokemon Go tracking apps? Don’t be, because there are still some apps that will show where the most-wanted Pikachu, Bulbasaur or the rare Tentacool is. These “crowd-sourced” apps are built on information provided by people all around the world, and while they are not as accurate as those that were plugged into the Go API, they may prove to be quite handy. Such apps have devised several ways to provide accurate information. One such Android app is Accrossor’s Map for Pokemon Go.

The app allows you to share your newly captured creatures, gyms and stops by pinning them onto locations on the map. So if you have found a Jigglypuff close to your neighborhood, open the app, zoom in and drop a pin to that area on the map. The app let’s you select creature, stop and gym icons from their icon pack before pinning so that it becomes easier for others to identify them. And if you are in the mood to hunt some Pokemon, just hit the app’s “Search Map” button and the map will be populated with creatures, stops and gyms. You can use the app’s filter option if you want to show only creatures on the map, or if you are looking for Gyms/Stops in your area. 

The app has a unique way of displaying accurate information and even this relies on people’s collaboration. If a pin is placed accurately in an area, users can up-vote after verifying. If it’s a fake pin, it will be downvoted. Pins with negative votes will disappear from the map.

2. Amino Pokemon Go Finder and Chat

Amino Go Finder and Chat is your one-stop app to know everything about the most happening augmented reality game. Here you can chat with fellow trainers and get advanced tips from them, show off your new creature catches, get the latest Go news in real-time, participate in user-created events and challenges.

The app also has a section exclusive for advanced Go players. This section may contain secrets shared by experts in this game. You can follow top leaders and go to their wall to get the tidbits, tips, team logos, artwork, gifs and many more. There’s also a separate section that lets you post memes. Also, don’t miss the poll section that where you can get interesting surveys conducted by users. The Amino Pokemon Go Finder and Chat app is fun place to meet fellow trainers, get some tips and latest information about your favorite game.

3. Server Status for Go

Another must-have app for Pokemon Go players is We Make It Appen’s Server Status. This free app will notify you when there’s a new Go server available in your location. Players who are waiting for the official release in their country will find this app very helpful.

The app also notifies players when the servers go back online after a brief/long downtime. Server Status is the easiest, free and fastest way to get your uptime data, anytime, anywhere, thereby saving time. It’s probably the only free app that offers server uptime notifications, so download it now.

4. Messenger for Go

Pokemon Go does not have in-game chat functionality but with this app installed on your Android device, you definitely won’t miss it. This lightweight, unofficial Messenger will let you chat with trainers in your area. You can get help from other trainers to catch rare monsters, locate gyms and stops together. You can also select a team and all messages will be filtered accordingly. So if you choose red team, just tap the team tab and you will find messages from red team players in your area. You can then chat with them within your team tab and get help from them to hunt for rare creatures, locate poke stops and find and conquer neighborhood gyms.

Messenger is a location-based chat app and allows trainers to share their locations. The app’s unique floating chat bubble will let you stay in the game without closing it while chatting with players in your area. A tiny green circle will float on your screen; all you have to do is just tap it while playing to access messages. You can easily close the app by tapping, holding and dragging the tiny circle on to the “X” button at the bottom of the home screen.

5. Battery Saver for Go

GPS is probably one of the biggest battery drainers on your device. Well, you can’t do anything about it as you will have to turn on location if you want to play Go. But with this battery saver, you can save battery life to some extent. What this app does is that it turns off the screen and minimizes brightness while you play the game. This way your device’s battery won’t drain as fast as before. However, it isn’t clear much battery does this app save.

The app also notifies the player when the battery drops below a certain level. You can customize battery drain alerts via the app. The app’s premium version has an auto-save battery option, but I would suggest you try the freemium version before going for the premium version.

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