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Deus Ex Go Walkthrough: Tips and Hints for New Players

Deus Ex Go is a turn-based stealth puzzle game from Square Enix. It lets you control agent Adam Jensen as he infiltrates into enemy territory, hacks computers, and eliminates enemies to foil a terrorist plot. The entire Go universe is a complex puzzle in itself and you will have to be super-smart to complete missions. You will have to use stealth to avoid or overcome enemies.

Your goal is to move to the exit, without being detected or killed by deadly turrets, merciless guards and menacing bots.  With the help of this beginner-level Deus Ex Go walkthrough and a few tips and hints, you will be able to know when to eliminate enemies, disable laser targets of turrets and make the most of invisibility power-ups:

Walkthrough and Tips

When moving from one node to another, keep an eye on enemy’s position and the direction he is facing. An enemy will be alerted and move towards Jensen only when he is in the enemy’s line of sight (LoS). The enemy will charge at Jensen in a straight line, but won’t follow him if he moves away from him.

In the above screenshot, notice that the enemy is alerted when our hero is in his LoS. The red line shows the max distance he can move from his comfort zone. What we can do is move Jensen back to the previous node or the next node to get away from him. The guard won’t follow us as he will go in a straight line and then turn around to go back to his position after he reaches the end of the red line. Our protagonist can move to the next node.

When an enemy is alerted of Jensen’s presence, he activates Titan shield while moving towards him. The Titan shield makes him almost invincible and Jensen cannot attack him in any way. Even turret bullets won’t be able to pierce through his shield. The shield will be deactivated only when he returns back to his position. You can then find a way to eliminate him.

You can kill an enemy by sneaking up right behind him and tapping him.

The enemy can also be killed if Jensen is positioned to his left or right side: 

Tip: Many times, moving past a guard can be quite difficult. When a guard spots Jensen and his shield is activated, look around. You may have to go back to the previous node and then move to and fro between two nodes until the guard is on his way back to his position.

Once he has his back towards Jensen, you can follow him and can pick up any blue triangles in the middle of the path and return to your previous position, away from the guard. 

Those floating blue triangles can make Jensen invisible. After picking up a blue triangle, you will need to activate it.

To activate invisibility, move towards a blue triangle to collect it. The collected triangle sits at top-right corner of the screen. Tap it and you will see a blue hexagon underneath Jensen. Next, tap Jensen to activate invisibility.

Once you are invisible, you can either move past a guard without been seen or move towards him to attack him. However, bear in mind that once activated, invisibility lasts only for one move.

In the screenshot below, we have activated invisibility when Jensen was positioned on the node to his left and moved in front of a guard’s line of sight. The guard can’t see Jensen. When we can do is move towards him to eliminate him or avoid him by moving to the next node.

Once you have stepped into a Blue triangle and collected it, you don’t have to activate it immediately. Because invisibility lasts only one move, you will have to activate it at the right moment. You can do this when Jensen is one node away from the guard or turret.

In the screenshot below, the blue triangle is located towards the end of the pathway. We move Jensen towards it to collect it but we won’t activate invisibility right away.

We will move back so that our hero is one node away from the guard’s position and then activate invisibility.

Now we can move right, then up to eliminate the guard.

Hint: Some blue triangles get recharged when you activate invisibility, kill a guard or move past him or move from one node to another without been seen. When you collect a blue triangle, check whether it leaves a tiny remnant at the same spot. If it does, it means it can be replenished.

You can try to lure guards to attack Jensen in such a way that they block each other's path and can’t move. The screenshot below is one example:

Jensen will be killed if he is in a turret’s LoS. But there’s a way to disable the laser target of a turret. You will have to hack a computer system to deactivate it.

Move the protagonist towards the yellow computer icon. Once Jensen is positioned on the computer node, tap him. The camera zooms out a bit showing path that lead to a turret.

Follow the path that connects from the hacked computer to the turret by dragging your finger up to it to disable its laser target. Now press the tiny “X” icon at the top-right corner of the screen to finish hacking. You will see the laser the laser sight turned yellow in color. (Red: Active. Yellow: Disabled).

You can also hack a computer to fill void. To do this, move to a computer icon and connect the path between the hacked computer and the void to fill it. You cannot move further if a digital chasm is between you and the exit, so you will need to fill it.

Keep in mind that guards can “un-hack” a computer if they move to that node where the hacked machine is located.

Tip: You can use turrets against guards. But you have to smart to create a situation where the guard comes between you and the turret. If the guard is positioned opposite a turret, just hack and disable it. It will automatically shoot and eliminate him.

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