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Zombie Island: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Lead Your Undead Army

In almost all zombie games, you are tasked to eliminate the infected menace. But in Zplay’s Zombie Island, you are the zombie. Yes, you read that right. You will be infecting innocent humans and turning them into zombies. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But this game can actually be a lot of fun and infecting people can be quite addicting.

You will control a green slimy zombie and move him towards humans to attack them. Attacked humans will then turn into zombies and start following their leader. As soon as you begin infecting people, police force and the army will appear on the island to control the zombie menace. Your goal is to infect as many humans as you can without getting killed by the authorities. With the help of these tips and hints, you will be able to turn more humans into zombies and increase your undead tribe: 
1. The Leader Zombie should not get killed at Any Cost

The leader zombie, the one you control, will be the main target of policemen, army personnel and tanks. If he is killed, then it’s game over. Try to move him away from bullets and areas that are being heavily patrolled by authorities. Keep him moving from one area to the other and dodge bullets. Don’t stop.

 The beach is a safest place to roam about (and infect some humans). Don’t worry if his zombie followers are killed. You will keep “meeting” new people who can be easily infected. Just get close to a human and your zombie will turn him into one of his kind. Even your zombie followers will infect anyone near them.

2. The Beach is the Best Place to Infect People

You will find plenty of humans on the beach. It’s probably the safest and best place to infect as many people as you want. Your zombie followers will do the job for you.

Try to move around the island in search for prey and infect at least 10-15 people. Now go straight to the beach and move your zombie to the beach waters. Your zombie walks automatically when you don’t control him. So just take your fingers off the virtual pad and let him walk. This is where his undead followers will go berserk and some of them won’t be able to follow him as the leader zombie will walk very fast. Instead they will move about on their own infecting people close to them and the infected ones will keep attacking more humans, including policemen and army personnel. This will create a zombie horde and the infected count will increase.

3. Look for a Power-Up that Turns your Zombie into a Huge “Zombot”

The zombot power-up turns your undead tribe into a big zombie robot. You will find such power-ups scattered all around the island. One power-up can be found close to the end of the beach and it keeps appearing at regular intervals. Grab the power-up and the zombies turn into a zombot for a few seconds.

Take maximum advantage of this transformation and move your zombot to crush anything that comes in your way – humans, cars, buildings, trees anything. The zombot can be extremely useful against tanks. A tank can kill multiple zombies at once and your leader zombie can be at a risk of getting killed by a tank. With a zombot, you can easily destroy tanks.

4. Move Around in Circles to Infect Multiple People

If you spot a group of people and go near them, they will avoid contact and run away. To infect all of them, try to move your leader zombie in circle around them. This will make his followers follow him in a circle as well, making it difficult for humans to run away as his undead followers will immediately start attacking, even though your leader zombie missed infecting them.

You can download Zombie Island from the App Store

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