Tiny Chick: 7 Tips, Hints and Strategies You Should Know

Tiny Chick is a fun little side-scroller from ZPlay. It lets you control a chicken by guiding it between rows of pillars. You will have to set a flight path for your bird by tapping and holding the screen. If the path’s height is set correctly, the bird will go past through pillars. But one slight blunder in setting the path’s height will send her dashing into an obstacle and you will have to start the game again. The game has stunning 3D pixel art characters and each character can be unlocked by spending in-game coins.

The game’s challenge lies in drawing the right trajectory to fling your bird to a safe spot. Pillars of various sizes will keep appearing, making it extremely difficult for your bird to fly between them. You will require some practice before you can reach a higher score and beat other players’ total score. These quick tips, hints and strategies will help you score more points, earn more coins and unlock more chicks:

1. When you tap and hold the screen, your bird’s flight path appears in dotted lines. Make sure you get the height right when you set the trajectory for your bird. Once set, you can’t change it. If your bird is placed far away from the pillar, set the path’s height accordingly keeping in mind the space between two logs and the distance the bird has to travel between pillars to land safely.
2. If the space between two logs or the distance between the bird and the pillar is less, then a quick tap-hold-release will do the trick. However, you may have some difficulty moving your bird past an obstacle which is far away from her. You will have to tap and press the screen until your bird’s flight path reaches a proper height so that the bird can fly between pillars and land safely. You may fail at first, but once you keep playing on a trial-and-error basis, you will finally find it easier to get past obstacles placed far away from your bird.

3. Take your time. There’s no need to hurry. Neither your bird keeps flying nor there’s a timer that will force you to keep tapping to get past obstacles. It’s all about getting the distance and height right to go through obstacles. Your bird stands still until you tap and hold. The dotted line will help you decide the right trajectory and then release to launch the bird.

4. It is easy to get past simple obstacles, but care should be taken while drawing a path towards obstacles with spikes underneath them. Just stop when you spot a spiky obstacle course and mentally draw a flight path from your bird to the safe spot. You may then tap and hold to set the trajectory and release to fling your bird. Again, to succeed flying between spiky obstacles, you will need some practice and this can be achieved if you keep playing the game.

5. Flying between multiple pillars with spikes below them can be challenging, but you will be rewarded if you succeed going through such obstacles. You get 3 bonus points and coins instead of just one. Make sure you stop and examine the obstacle before tapping and holding the screen.

6. You earn a point every time you get past an obstacle. The coins you receive at the end are rewarded based on the total score per play session. So if your total score is 4 in one session, you will receive 4 coins. The good news is that unlike your score, your coins don’t reset to zero. Now if you start a new game, the score resets to 0. You reach a new high score, i.e. 5 and you get five coins. The total coin count will be 9 (4+5). You can spend coins on new and adorable chick avatars, which range from Spidey Chick to Dino Chick.

7. The “Lucky Chance” button is located at the start screen, provides goodies by drawing three reward cards for you. You will have to choose one card to receive rewards. Every lucky chance grants 3 tries. The coins that you earn will be added to the total coins you have accumulated so far.

You can download Tiny Chick from iTunes and Google Play Store