Tropical Wars: Tips and Strategies to Win Naval Battles

Tropical Wars is an excellent naval warfare game from Game Alliance. It’s probably the best real-time ship battle game released for the mobile platform. It is set in the world of Koala pirates, who will do anything, including sacrificing sleep to defeat rival pirates for fame and loot.

You will have your own tropical island, your base, where you can recruit “hard-working” koalas to mine gold and extract mana; build ships, research special abilities and prepare a formidable fleet consisting of several unique ships, including Sniper ships!

Tropical Wars is easy to play and a tutorial mode explains bare basics pretty well. But if you want to win more PvP battles and solo missions, just follow these quick tips, hints and strategies:
1. Battle Strategies You Should Know

Although Tropical Wars is a real-time ship battle game, your fleet’s grid plays an important role to help you decide ships formation. Have high-HP, high armor ships on the front line, faster ships on the middle and long-range ships on the last line on the grid. You may also choose to have fast-moving/attacking ships on the front line to quickly launch attacks on enemy army’s ships. 

Try to target and destroy enemy’s king ship in PvP battles. If you lose a battle, but have destroyed the enemy’s king ship, you will receive more loot. Use artillery and your king ship to target enemy’s king ship.
Your King ship does not attack automatically when approaching enemy fleet. You will have to set a target by dragging your finger from king ship to the enemy ship. Other ships will start attacking enemy ships, but you can choose ships that you want to attack by drawing a line between them.

Move your King ship away from enemy ship army when several ships attack it. Take it to a safer spot. You may then move it behind your enemy’s fleet or on the left or right side for a surprise attack, while your front and middle row ships will keep attacking your enemy ships. You can do the same with your long range ships. Draw a line from your ship to an area where you want to move it.

Have more ships in your fleet, but make sure yours fleet has a balanced side consisting of long range, high-defense/HP and fast moving/attacking ships. Upgrade your Harbor to unlock more slots on your grid and upgrade your shipyard to unlock better ships like Sniper, Artillery and Support ships.

Don’t place your King ship on the front line, it will get exposed to enemy attacks quickly. Place it at on the middle or last line with two artillery or other long-range battle ships on its left and right side.

Use spells as often as possible. They play a key role in reducing enemy ships’ HP faster. All spells have a cooldown time so keep an eye on your spells at the bottom-left corner of the screen and launch them once they are ready to use. Unlock the “Impatience” ability at the command center to reduce the cooldown time of all spells. You will have to upgrade your command center to level 4 to unlock it. At level 4, you will get a new medal, with which you can unlock the “Energy Juice” spell. Tapping on this spell will reduce the cooldown time of all spells by 15 percent.

Keep playing PvP and solo missions to increase your player level meter. Once the meter is full, you will reach a new level and earn a medal, which can be used to unlock a new spell. When you get a medal, select a spell wisely. Tap the “i” button beside a spell to know more about it.

2. Place your Strongest Ships on Special Marks

Upgrading Harbor not only increases the size of the fleet but also unlocks special spots on the grid. Once you have upgraded it, a special spot will be unlocked and its mark will appear on a random circle on your fleet’s grid. Tap the mark on the circle to see its effect. Each special symbol boosts certain attributes of a ship placed on it, so make sure you place the strongest ship on such symbols.

Example: If your fleet unlocked the “Warrior Mark”, then try placing a ship that has a higher attack stats than other ships. This will further increase its attack stats by 30 percent. I prefer placing the artillery on such a mark, but you may choose to place any ship type of your choice, just make sure that the attribute that’s going to get a big boost should have better points than the others. Placing such ships on special marks will enhance their stats and they will destroy enemy ships faster.

Before placing a ship on a mark, check its effect. Some symbols may increase the stats of a ship’s attribute, but may also decrease stats of another attribute.

Example: A Warrior mark will increase attack stats by 30 percent, but decrease defenses by 15 percent.
Marks are randomly placed and change spots on a grid every day. So make sure you check your fleet’s grid to locate new positions of your unlocked special marks. 

3. Upgrade Command Center and Key Researched Abilities to Boost Your Fleet’s Effectiveness in Battle

The Command Center lets you research special abilities that can improve your fleet’s defenses, attacks, movement, HP and range. There are also certain abilities that can grant special powers to your individual ships under certain conditions.

Upgrading the Command Center unlocks a set of three special abilities, which can help improve your fleet’s overall efficiency in battle. Tap this building and press the green “Up” arrow button to upgrade, but make sure you have enough resources to level it up.

The unlocked abilities researched at the Command Center can be upgraded further using coins and mana. Tap ability and press the green “Start” button at the bottom of the Command Center window to begin upgrade. Don’t just keep upgrading all abilities. Choose the one that can provide some substantial benefit to your ship or the entire fleet. You should first upgrade those abilities that improves your King ship’s and fleets stats.

4. Upgrade These Buildings First Before Doing Anything Else

Warehouse: You will need lots of resources to upgrade key buildings like the Harbor, Command center and Shipyard. Upgrading Gold Mine and Mana Well is probably the best way to increase the extraction rate per hour per worker, but then you will also need plenty of storage space to store gold and mana that you have earned from resource generating structures as well as PvP/solo battles. If the storage cap of gold is 5000 and the gold extracted is 6000, then you are probably wasting 1000 gold. Upgrading Warehouse will increase the storage cap, and let you store more resources for building upgrades.

As you progress, building upgrades will require more coins and mana and so along with upgrading Gold mine and Mana well, you should upgrade your warehouse as well.

Mana Well and Gold Mine: These two resource producing structures must be upgraded if you want more mana and gold per hour. Upgrading them will increase the production rate per hour per worker.

Shipyard: Upgrading shipyard will unlock new battle ships. Once a battle ship is unlocked, you need to build it to add it to your fleet of ships. Make sure you have different types of ships in your ship army to increase effectiveness of your entire fleet. Once the fleet size is full, upgrade harbor to increase the fleet capacity. To know the current capacity of your fleet, tap Harbor. On the bottom-left corner of the screen you can how many slots are being taken by your ships.

Harbor: Upgrading harbor will unlock more ship slots and special marks on your fleet’s grid. A special mark improves a ship’s stats if that ship is placed on it. However, every new upgrade requires lots of resources, so make sure you have upgraded resource producing structures and your warehouse. Also, keep playing Campaign and PvP World battles to collect loot.

5. More Workers = More Resources per Hour

Upgrading structures like warehouse, gold mine and mana well also unlock a new worker slot. But it just unlocks a slot, not a new worker. You will have to hire a new worker using diamonds. In tutorial mode, you will receive extra workers as rewards, but later on you will have to purchase them using diamonds.

Having more workers working on a resource producing structure will increase output at a much faster rate. So if you have 3 workers at a Gold mine, then you will get three times more gold than having 1 worker. And if you have upgraded the mine then the production rate will increase per worker. So make sure you save diamonds and use them to recruit workers.

To earn diamonds for free, keep completing missions. Tap the “Missions” icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to check tasks that need to be completed to receive free diamonds. Press the “Access” button beside each task to directly go to that section or building where the task needs to be completed.

At the start of play, the game will provide some diamonds. Complete missions to collect more and save diamonds for recruiting workers. Don’t spend diamonds to accelerate building upgrade time.

6. Win PvP Battles – Collect Stars and Reach a Higher Rank to Receive Better Rewards

Keep destroying other players’ ship army in World Battle to collect points. The more PvP battles you win the more points you will collect, which will help you rank higher up at the leaderboard. Every league has a time limit which can be seen at the top-right corner of the leaderboard screen. You will need to keep winning PvP battles and maintain your ranking position high up until the league closes to get better rewards. Keep an eye on the rewards section. If your fleet’s rank is between 1 and 5, then you will get rewards like diamonds. If it is between 6 and 15 you will receive gold and mana.

Besides rank rewards, you will also receive star rewards. These rewards are earned by collecting stars. You earn stars by winning ship battles. The more stars you collect the more rewards you will receive at the end of a league. Try to get 2-3 stars in every PvP battle. You will get 3 stars when your fleet survives the battle without losing a ship. If one of your ships is destroyed or if your ally’s ship is destroyed, you will receive only 2 stars. If you lose more ships, then you will get only 1 star.