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Road to be King – Tips and Tricks to Reach a High Score

Road to be King is a fun endless runner that lets you control your hero, a wannabe king, with your finger. You just need to tap and hold your finger on the screen to dodge traps, spiky floors, collect precious crystals and kill monsters.

The simple one-touch gameplay becomes too addictive once you reach a different world. There are plenty of beautiful worlds to be unlocked and each world contains deadly traps and monsters. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will be able to earn bonus points, crystals and travel long distances.
1. Earn Extra Points by Slashing Harmless Monsters

There some harmless monsters that can be killed and eliminating them will earn you extra points. You get 50 bonus points for slashing them. Just move your hero closer to them and he will slash them to pieces. You are lucky if you find a bunch of them standing in a line or in groups. Just drag your finger over them and let your hero do the job.

However, beware of those “harmless” monsters that suddenly turn aggressive. These monsters fetch more points. You may either avoid them or wait until they go back to their original form. Do remember that you have to decide quickly because the game is a fast-paced endless runner, so if you spot one turning aggressive, avoid it, move forward, and then move back quickly towards it when it goes back to its original form. Such monsters fetch 120 points. 

2. Know Your Crystals

There are different types of crystals, but green and blue are the most common ones that you will find scattered around the field. Both crystals fill the gauge, but the blue crystal adds an extra crystal to the gauge, whereas green crystal adds only one. Collect blue crystal to fill the gauge faster. Remember that collecting crystals not only fills the crystal gauge, but also adds points to your total score. Every distance covered will also earn you points.

Diamonds are premium currency and can be used to buy common crystal packs at the Crystal Store (Go to Shop > Store). You may stumble upon a big purple diamond on the field. Diamonds can also be earned by completing achievements. Hit the middle button on your home screen and tap on the yellow button beside an achievement to collect it. There are different types of achievements, such as reaching a new world, breaking a certain number of chests, reaching a certain distance, breaking 100 rocks (yes don’t ignore those rocks) etc.

You can get a free pack containing 100 or more crystals by going to Shop and tapping on the green “Free Video” button.

3. Beware of Four Toothed Monsters

These monsters can’t be slashed and your hero will lose a heart immediately if it touches them. Avoid such monsters at any cost, especially those that move in circles. Quickly find a way out of the moving four toothed monsters by following them in a counter clockwise direction and then quickly go forward when it moves out of your way.

4. You won’t Lose a Heart If Your Hero Touches Trees and Rocks

In fact, you might earn an achievement after destroying a certain number of rocks. You should avoid spiky traps and monsters, but you can easily touch a tree or rock without losing lives.

5. You Can Choose Not to Open a Chest to save Precious Crystals

Crystals in Road to be King are used to upgrade power-ups and break chests that appear inside the palace. When you open the palace doors, you will be greeted with two chests. One of the chests will cost more crystals than the other. Choose your chest wisely. Chests are randomly chosen, so you don’t have any control on them.

You will be given two choices, and it could be anything - a power-up or heart. Choose the latter if have lost a life or two. If you find the rewards uninteresting and want to save your precious crystals, then you can choose to ignore. Just don’t move your character close to them and they will go away once you move closer to the exit door.

6. Move Up and Down to Avoid Obstacles and Enemies

Keep moving up and down and try to adapt to a monster’s movement pattern. For example: for monsters moving in circles, you may try to follow their movement patterns to avoid any contact with them. You may move in a counter clockwise direction or quickly move inside the circling monsters and then move forward when the road is clear. Because of the fast-paced nature of the game, you will have to be quick to avoid obstacles and the best way to do is to move up and down quickly based on the movement pattern and obstacle design/layout. 

7. How to Open Chests Lying on the Road

There are certain chests lying on the ground that can be opened by moving your hero closer to them. These chests provide crystals when your hero slashes them. It will take three slashes for a wooden chest to open and give a crystal, whereas crystals will drop from metal chests every time your hero slashes them.

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