Outlaw Chaser: Tips, Hints and Tricks to Get a High Score

Outlaw Chaser is a unique car chasing game from Lemon Jam. In this game, you step into the shoes of an outlaw who is being chased by the authorities. From police cars to choppers, every vehicle is on a pursuit of your car. Thankfully, you have a weapon to deal with them, but you will need to time your attacks and shoot them down, and if you miss then they will leave no stone unturned to destroy your car. For every successful hit, you will receive cold hard cash, with which you can unlock and purchase cool cars.

Outlaw Chaser’s is easy to play, but hard to master. Instead of controlling your car, you will have to control the driver, who can be seen swinging his arm like a pendulum from his car window. You will have to tap the screen when the outlaw’s gun aims at the enemy vehicle or when the vehicle comes into his gun’s field of view (FoV). But you will have to be quick to tap at the right moment because he constantly moves his arm.

You will certainly need a lot of patience in this game. You will have to wait for the vehicle to move to the outlaw’s FoV and then be quick enough to tap before it moves away. With the help of these quick tips and tricks, you will be able to destroy more vehicles and earn cash:

1. Examine the movement pattern of the enemy vehicles and take your time. Each vehicle goes forward and backward, stays where it is. It will try to confuse you, so make sure you track its movement and shoot at the right moment when both the vehicle and your gun-toting outlaw is at the same direction.

2. Don’t be in any hurry when shooting at enemy vehicles. An enemy vehicle won’t shoot unless you shoot at it first. It will just keep moving, testing your patience, timing and accuracy. If you shoot and miss, then you won’t get a second chance. The enemy car/helicopter will hit back and your vehicle will be destroyed.  

3. The cash you earn from each successful hit accumulates, so don’t worry if your car gets destroyed after earning plenty of greenbacks. The money you have earned so far will be stored safely, only the score resets to zero. Reach a high score to get to the top leaderboard rankings. Yes, the game has an online leaderboard that shows player high scores. So keep shooting down vehicles to increase your score and reach the top 10 rankings.

Outlaw Chaser is one of those “you-play-the-villain” games that lets you play the bad guy. But it is fun playing the one who is chased than the chaser, earning virtual cash for every hit and unlocking cars.