Katy Perry Pop: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Become a Chart-Topper

Katy Perry Pop lets you become the next big singing sensation and the diva herself will be your mentor and friend throughout your musical career. You will record songs, music videos, attend events, perform at live concerts and do everything to rank up the charts and attract a decent fan following.

The game has a unique “popping” mechanics that lets you burst bubbles to complete song projects. Besides musical quests, there are plenty of side quests that will let you socialize with people, network with new band members, attend events and interact with celebrities, which will ultimately help you become popular. If you want your songs to be chart-toppers, follow these quick tips, hints and strategies.
Complete Other Tasks While Recording a Song or Performing at a Concert

While recording a song/music video or performing at a concert, you can go for non-musical side quests and complete them if you don’t have any energy left for a song project. But don’t take a new concert or song recording, else the one you have already chosen will be deemed completed and you will receive less rewards and your song won’t be popular. Hit the To-do list to check other tasks. You can also get more quests if you wear your Katy Vision goggles. These fun glasses will teleport you to Katy’s world, where you can talk to inanimate objects and animals and get tasks from them.

Once the energy has been refilled to some extent, you can come back and continue recording your song or performing at a concert. Just be sure that you get back to your unfinished singing project/recording or concert before the timer runs out. Popping those green bubbles will give you experience, coins and notes. You will have to fill the musical notes located at the bottom of the game screen ill the musical notes and once fully filled, you will complete a project. The more musical notes a song has, the more popular your song will be once you fill them up.

In a nutshell, you can do other side tasks while the project timer is still up and running and come back later when your energy has been refilled, but just make sure you come back and continue singing before the timer runs out. But do remember that traveling to your task’s location will cost you some coins, so if you go back to a location where you have an unfinished concert or recording you will have to pay coins to reach it.

Buy Musical Instruments and Props to Improve your Performance

Buy musical instruments at a song or music video recording. Also, buy props when you are performing at an event or concert or recording a video for a song. Choose a colorful theme and not “Normal”. A theme allows you to add props to it to make it look more amazing.

Most props require Katy gems, but there will be a few props that can be purchased with coins. Purchase them right away and see the number of notes increase. Having props in a concert or music video recording will help you get more musical notes. The more notes you fill at the bottom of the game screen, the better your songs will be, and this will ultimately

Improve Your Band Members’ Skills

Add members to your band when performing at a concert or recording a song/music video. Tap on the people icon to add a band member. Having more members not only makes your perform better, but also improve their skills. Try to add them to any concert or music video to increase their skill meter.

You will notice a band member’s skill meter when you invite him/her to perform with you. The more skilled a band member is, the better your song will be. Your song will get more fans may rank up faster and may even be chosen for a music video recording. A hit singles will definitely be preferred for a music video and this will help you get a good fan following.

Costumes may also help you get more fans. Wear the best costume for a concert or a music video. If you want to improve your performance, then choose casual outfit at song recordings.

How to Get Inspiration

Inspiration will help you record better songs and perform better, which will help you gain more fans and become more popular. Roller skates, fire crackers, hearts etc. are examples of inspiration. When completing tasks, interact with people and try to solve their problems to get them. Fill the light bulb with random inspirational stuff you receive from people after completing some actions.

Talk to a bartender or a waiter to get guaranteed inspiration. Appreciating Katy Perry and other key characters also helps you get inspiration.

The more number of times to interact with the same guy or girl, the more inspiration you earn. You may have to spend some coins to get inspiration. You will notice the bulb filling up every time you collect an inspirational item.

When Talking to People, Choose the Right Words

When you talk to people or key characters, choose the best dialogue. Don’t try to select those dialogues that sound overconfident, negative or rude. Always choose those words that are assertive and appreciating someone. Sometimes this will also help you get you some inspiration and more singing contracts.

Want Quick Inspiration? Go to Freaky Tiki

The more inspired you are, the better your songs will be. You will need to talk to people, right from bartenders and waiters to celebrities, bloggers and interviewers to get inspiration. They will drop random inspiration pieces, which you will have to tap to collect.

The easiest way to get quick inspiration is to head straight to Freaky Tiki in Venice. There, meet bartender Ronald Hawk and order Joe’s Mai Tai. It costs only 20 coins. Keep ordering Joe’s Mai Tai to get random inspirational pieces and fill your bulb. It’s probably the cheapest way to fill it. Now go record some songs, videos or perform at a concert.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Keep recording new songs and videos to be in the limelight. Old songs will rank lower at some point of time, so having new singles every now and then will surely make you more popular among the music-loving crowd. When recording songs or music video, make sure you are inspired, have skilled members in your band and have upgraded your musical equipment by buying new items to make your songs amazing.

You can improve specific skills by completing tasks. So if you want to improve your vocals, record more songs and perform at concerts. Want to improve your keyboard skills? Perform more keyboard-related tasks. Your skills will help you become a better singer and a performer, making you and your music more popular. Keep an eye on To-do lists to look for tasks that will help you improve your vocals, guitar and socialite skills.

You can get energy by watching a video clip. Energy can also be earned by leveling up, so keep completing tasks and popping those green bubbles to earn experience (rainbow). Experience fills your rainbow meter and once full, you will receive energy, coins and a precious Katy gem.

Making new friends by networking with them will let you add members to your band. But you will come across a lot of people who won’t be willing to join your new band. You can use charm to make them accept your invitation, but many times charms costs lot of gems. Look for those guys and gals that require fewer gems to be “charmed”. There might be some that will join you after you become more popular. So keep tapping on random people and “network” to add them to your band.