Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure - Tips, Hints and Tricks

Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure brings a fun and adorable arcade version of wildlife photography to your iOS device. The game lets you capture pics of camera-shy creatures, earn coins and invest the money on better equipment such as advanced cameras and upgrades.

The real fun lies in taking snaps of a Sasquatch. The mythical creature will appear on random levels and even pose for your cam. Capturing its pics will help you gather evidence, which can then be put up on exhibition at the Bigfoot museum. The exhibits will earn you cash and accolades.

Bigfoot Hunter has plenty of levels and hard-to-capture animals. While taking pics of critters, you will also get an opportunity to collect stickers, which can be used on your camera’s photos. You can then share your fun photos with friends via social networking sites. Check out these tips and tricks. They will help you capture more animals, earn coins and succeed in your Sasquatch hunting adventure:

1. Keep an Eye on Radar to Track Critters

The radar at the bottom of the screen shows the whereabouts of your animals. Some of them will move from one end to the other end whereas others will play hide and seek in trees or behind fallen branches. The radar shows it all. It will show a critter’s mini profile pic in fixed position for those who appear and disappear behind objects, whereas icons of hopping and moving critters will move from one end of the horizontal radar line to the other.

With the help of radar, you can easily track a critter’s movement or identify which animals move and which remain in fixed positions. And because the radar shows a creature’s face, it will make it easy to go for bigger animals or those who can earn you more coins.

2. Take Photos of Slow Moving Animals First

In many levels, areas will throw a mix of critters. Some will move slowly, others will hop or stay in a fixed position. Remember that you can fail to capture a maximum of 3 creatures in one area. So you can easily ignore fast moving creatures, especially those flying woodpeckers. Small critters are also hard to capture, if your camera’s reticle isn’t big.

Focus on big and slow-moving critters first. You can easily capture slow-moving bunnies, deer (even a hopping deer), and a big bear. You can also capture fixed position critters like squirrels playing hide and seek in trees or throwing a bunch of nuts at your camera. Ignore flying critters and concentrate only on these animals first. Even if you miss a woodpecker or two, there won’t be a problem because the max missed chances are three per area.

3. Know Your Critters

When capturing critters, make sure that some part of their body is inside your camera. An off focus capture won’t be counted as a capture. Also animals will run behind trees, hide and hop around, making virtual wildlife photography quite difficult for you. Here are some tips to take perfect photos of animals, birds and our dear Sasquatch.

Diving Rabbits: They hop out of their burrow, dive and make another burrow. When they dive from one burrow to another, they slow down. Capture when they are in mid-air, because that’s when they slow down.

Bear: Bears with a lighting icon above them can throw stuff like fish or a big lump of honey at your camera. You may have to swipe your screen to remove honey. A bear’s pic can’t be taken with a single click and it takes around 2-3 taps on the capture button (camera icon) to capture their photos.  
Fish Photo-Bombing My Pic

When you spot one, quickly tap on the capture button rapidly before he throws honey and you may be able to take his photo before he goes mad at you. Most large animals have a green bar above them and it will take multiple taps to decrease the green bar. Once fully reduced, the animal’s pic can be captured.

Besides lightning icon bears, there are also harmless, honey-eating bears. You just need to tap on the capture button multiple times to snap their photos.

Squirrels: Some move from one corner to the other, some hide behind a broken branch, throwing a bunch of acorns at you, whereas others play hide and seek, hiding in a tree. These cute critters are easy to capture provided your camera’s reticle is bigger than usual. The easiest of them all is the one who hides in trees and does a peek-a-boo. When the squirrel appears, he stays for a few seconds, giving you enough time to capture his picture.

Woodpecker: One of the hardest critters to capture, woodpeckers will usually fly from one end to the other. However, if your camera’s reticle is bigger, you can take a photo of a woodpecker easily. Wait for the woodpecker to glide mid-air, this is when it slows down and tap on the capture button to take its photo.

Deer: Easy to take a photo of it. Even a hopping deer can be easily captured with your camera.

Sasquatch: The Sasquatch is mighty quick and will speed away from your camera, but once you spot him and capture his pic, he won’t shy away from a pose. Yes, this cute Bigfoot loves posing, spreading arms, being bashful. He even loves to twerk. You may use power-ups like “Stun” to freeze him temporarily or upgrade shutter speed and Camera Bomb to capture its pic. Taking perfect captures will earn your more bucks. Also, if you take consecutive pictures of animals or capture two animals in one snap, you will earn combo bonuses.

4. Power-Ups to the Rescue

There are 3 power-ups in Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure. But you can equip only one power-up. So choose wisely. As you progress, you will unlock them one by one. Here’s how you can make the most of each power-up:

Rapid Fire: Using this power-up will ensure a quick burst of photos. There won’t be any reloads. Use it if you want a reload-free capture, but do keep an eye on the blue bar at the top-left corner of the screen. Once it vanishes, you will have to tap on the power-up again to use it.

Camera Bomb: It will capture everything on screen, which means animals don’t have to be inside the reticle to get snapped. A photo will be taken of every animal visible on the screen. Use this power-up for areas that have multiple animals running, hopping and hiding behind trees. When you see a group of animals at the same spot (Use radar to locate them), quickly use the Camera bomb to take combo pics.

Stun: Freezes creatures for a few seconds, making it easier for you to capture their pics. Use this in areas where there are several animals scampering here and there. Timing is the key. Make the most of Stun when you see multiple critters on your screen. Freeze them and then capture their pic to get a combo bonus.

5. The Museum will Give You Extra Coins

The evidence you have gathered as well as the Sasquatch snaps are kept for exhibition at the Bigfoot Museum. You will receive extra money for your exhibits. Just press “Tap to View Exhibits” on your home screen and tap on the coin icons when they pop up on the screen. There’s also a bag full of coins that appear every few hours (turn on notifications so that the game notifies you when your exhibit earns coin bags). To know how much time is left for the coin bag to appear, tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Tapping on the magnifying glass icon will also show you your best snaps chosen by you and the evidence you have gathered so far. Each evidence item gives a coin bonus. Evidence drops randomly but chances of an evidence drop are more if you take perfect pics of a Sasquatch or capture it quickly. A Sasquatch has a green bar above it and if you reduce the green bar to zero quickly, you may receive a new evidence. Collect multiple evidences of the same type to earn more coin bonuses.

6. Upgrade Key Parts of Your Camera

Upgrading key parts of your camera will make your virtual wildlife photography much simpler and trouble-free. On your home screen, tap on “Camera”. You will see 4 important features: Reticle Size, Reload Time, Shutter Speed and Number of Shots. Of these, your first priority is to increase the reticle size. Max out reticle size so that you can take pictures of smaller creatures easily.

Next, upgrade “Number of Shots” so that you can take more number of pics before that dreaded reload screen appears. Reloading will spoil the fun. Imagine there are multiple animals roaming around and you are about to capture a picture of them, but tragedy strikes when you tap on the capture button. The reload screen appears spoiling a potential combo capture. This is why you should upgrade “Number of Shots” as well as “Reload Time”. The latter will decrease the camera reloading time.

Improving the camera’s “Shutter Speed” will help you take photos of fast-paced animals. All upgrades cost coins, which can be earned via exhibition, playing normal and “Challenge” levels. You can also earn coins by watching videos.

7. Choose Your Camera Wisely

The game’s “Camera Shop” has some really awesome cameras that will make your wildlife photography and Bigfoot hunting, very easy. But they cost coins, lots of them so choose your camera wisely. The cameras are broadly divided into: Cameras that hold a lot of photos, but reload slower, standard no-frills cameras and fast reloading cams. Of these I prefer the Speedy Cams, but they don’t hold as many photos as Monster Cams. Still it’s my favorite.

8. Keep an Eye on the Bigfoot Bait

The Bigfoot Bait lets you attract a Sasquatch. Tap on the “New Bait” icon located at the top-right corner of the map screen under “Hunt”. A flag will appear on a random level. The flag shows that the Bigfoot has a higher chance of showing up at the end. Take your best cam (an upgraded one) and a power-up to get the best snaps of the sasquatch. Who knows, you may get some evidence (more coins!) and a few stickers. After tapping on the bait, it will take a few hours for the bait to refill completely.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Look for Challenge Levels. These purple colored levels allow you earn extra coins. There are various types of challenges, such as Time Challenge that lets you capture as many critters as you like before the timer runs out and the Accuracy Challenge that lets you capture animals with limited shots. There’s also a coin bonus for such challenges. In Time Challenge, getting 9 creatures in 30 seconds earns you bonus coins whereas in Accuracy challenge, getting 10 critters in 18 shots will earn you extra coins.

You will need a vehicle to unlock a new region. A vehicle costs coins. To earn them play old levels and Challenge levels. You can also get coins from exhibits. Keep playing old levels and tap on the Bigfoot bait to get a random Bigfoot level, play the level to capture the Sasquatch’s pics and get evidences, which will earn you bonus coins. Watch video adverts to earn extra bucks.