Storm Casters Ultra Tips, Hints and Strategies

Storm Casters Ultra is a fast-paced dungeon crawler from Get Set Games. The story revolves around the adventures of a hapless villager whose village has been crushed by monsters. With the help of magic, you can help him explore dungeons, defeat the monster horde and collect loot to make him stronger.

Storm Casters Ultra has unique gameplay mechanics. Zones in a dungeon need to be completed before the portal timer runs out. There are special “battle cards” that may help your character unleash devastating attacks on monsters. While the game is extremely fast-paced, winning lies in being swift-footed and managing “Portal Time”, attack power and battle cards. These tips and tricks will help you fight monsters better and spend gold wisely:

1. Avoid Enemies and Look for the Exit Door

Hordes of monsters plus portal timer will make it very hard for you to explore every nook and cranny of a room. A better strategy would be to destroy crates, barrels, and monsters; collect gold or power-ups that appear on your hero’s path and look for the exit while avoiding hordes of enemies and use any special attack drops to fend off multiple monsters.
Storm Casters Ultra Tips, Hints and Strategies

Zones are generated randomly so sometimes you will encounter hordes of monsters and in other times monsters may charge at your hero in smaller packs. No matter what their strategy is, your strategy should be to keep a safe distance from multiple enemies.

Try to avoid confrontation with enemies as much as possible and search for the door to the next room. Keep tapping the attack button to fend off any approaching enemy. Your character will automatically aim and attack an enemy so you just have to keep tapping and move your character straight to the exit door.

2. Exit the Room Immediately after Defeating a Room’s Mini-Boss

When fighting a mini-boss in the last room of a “floor”, make sure you don’t go too close to it. Keep pressing the attack button to reduce its HP and eliminate any passing monster while keeping a safe distance from them. Once you have defeated a mini-boss, head straight towards the exit door. Be quick. Remember the portal timer is constantly ticking and you should exit immediately. Once you have entered the exit door, you will complete a floor.

Completing a floor will reset the timer and you will reach a new floor. You will also receive a floor completion chest that may contain extra seconds or coins.

3. Portal Time Should Be Your Prime Concern

Your first priority should be to add more seconds to the total portal time. Play levels, old and new, and accumulate gold. Spend gold to upgrade portal time. You can then spend the remaining gold to increase your character’s attack power. Once your portal time maxes out, you will need to evolve your character and then you can resume increasing the portal time until the next max out level.

The magical portal through which you enter a room will remain open for a few seconds. Once the portal timer at the top of the screen reaches zero, your character will be teleported back to the dungeon entrance. You will need to go deeper into a dungeon, complete rooms and defeat the final boss and only then you can reach the next “zone”. But it won’t be easy for you to complete a dungeon unless you increase the portal time.

4. Reshuffle When You See an Unwanted Battle Card 

Don’t waste precious gold to reshuffle battle cards. Use them only when you see an unwanted battle card or two in your deck. Make sure you tap on a card you want to lock it. A locked card won’t be reshuffled. You should have at least one or two attack cards or a regeneration card in your deck.

There are higher drop chances of a power-up, ammo, move speed, chests, extra XP, weapons etc if you choose the same battle card(s) before heading to a dungeon.

Make sure you keep Blast Bomb and/or Power Kegs by locking them and reshuffle the third card in case you don’t find it useful in battle. If you have those two cards in your deck, chances of getting a bomb or more explosive kegs are more.

5. Increase Attack Strength to Destroy Enemies Faster

Your character’s “Attack Strength” helps him to eliminate monsters faster. After increasing portal time, use gold to increase your character’s attack strength. Make sure you have increased attack strength before you head to a new zone.

6. Portal Time Freezes in the Final Room of the Last Floor

When you reach the last room of the final floor, you will notice the portal time has frozen. This means you can take as much time as possible to dodge attacks, attack monsters and the main boss. Keep safe distance from the boss and don’t let him approach your character.

You will receive a key once the main boss gets defeated. With the key in possession, quickly go to the exit as the timer resumes ticking. If you waste time and the timer reaches zero, you will have to start again.

Additional Tips and Tricks

You can move crates and barrels and can even get behind them to temporarily avoid enemy attack. To move a crate or barrel, use your directional pad to move behind them and move it towards enemies. You may also move behind an explosive barrel and take it closer to enemies and then shoot it to destroy multiple enemies at once.

Once your character reaches a certain level, he or she can evolve to the next Storm Caster tier. You must accumulate plenty of gold if you want to evolve your character to the next level. Beat old and new dungeons and keep on collecting gold by destroying crates, barrels and collecting loot from enemies. Look out for reward pop ups and watch an ad to get a free chest that may contain gold.

Occasional pop-ups will suggest extra rewards like heart or treasure chests. You can watch a 15 or 30 second video to get them for free. Don’t ignore the heart reward suggestion. It will grant you an extra heart right at the start of dungeon exploration.

The battle cards that you choose before going to a zone or dungeon will ensure higher drop chances after destroying crates or barrels or killing enemies. You actually cannot use these cards while fighting enemies.

Sometimes, a pop-up will be displayed if your character is defeated in a room. Such pop-ups appear randomly and may ask you to watch a video for an extra life and time. (Depends on video ad availability in your region.)

Level-up your character to earn warp stones. Collect warp stones and once you have accumulated 10 stones, use them to a pack of 5 cards. Tap on “Get Cards” to grab your pack.