Love Rocks Starring Shakira: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Love Rocks is a match-3 game starring a cartoonish version of the Colombian pop star. I don’t know why Rovio gave a celebrity twist to a match-3 game. All I could see was Shakira explaining stuff (which we already know) and revealing her lucky gems. That’s it.

Gameplay is quite unique. You will have to drop link-matching gems and create chain or trinkets to score points. Creating longer link chains will earn you more points. There are also plenty of new objectives such as breaking mirrors and unlocking chests. The game becomes very challenging and addictive once you reach level 30.

Visually it’s one of the best-looking match-3 games I have ever seen. Love Rocks Starring Shakira is pretty easy to play, but you may have to plan your moves and use gems and power-ups wisely to complete objectives. These tips, hints and strategies may help you create longer chains, avoid closing a turn, earn more golden hearts and rewards.

1. Gems with Symbols Embedded in Them Swing Both Ways

And they will earn you more points. Such objects instantly connect with a matching symbol or a matching gem and so the linking possibilities with a gem, symbol or both symbol and gem are much higher than with a plain gem or symbol.

For example: a yellow gem with a star symbol embedded in it will link to a same-color gem or a star symbol if placed in an adjacent square. If it is placed on a square close to a star symbol embedded in a gem, both symbols will connect and disappear leaving the gems behind. If placed beside a yellow gem, then both gems will connect and disappear leaving the symbols behind.

The fun part of such link-matching objects is that they can link to both gem and symbol. So if you have a star symbol embedded in a gem and a yellow gem placed side-by-side, just drop the star symbol embedded in a yellow gem in an adjacent square and it will link to both objects. Keep looking for such matching combos, create a longer chain and score more.

2. Keep an Eye on Precious Stones Below the Horizontal Line Before Dropping Gems

You may have noticed a few gems at the bottom-most part of the game board. A golden horizontal line is placed just above them. When you make a match, the horizontal line makes way for them and they get pushed up. When dropping gems, look for gems below the horizontal line. Plan your move and make sure you drop them in such a place that later the bottom gems can link to them.

For example: You have a pink gem ready to be dropped on the game board. Luckily there’s a same-color gem below the horizontal line. Drop the pink gem on an adjacent square. Later, when the board pushes it up, both gems can connect with each other.

3. Know Your Power-ups
    Firestone: Links to everything, irrespective of the gem color and symbol shape. Use it when there’s a dearth of link-matching trinkets on the game board and you want to reach the score target, break mirrors or unlock chests.

    Crystal Sweep: The Crystal Sweep power-up will help you clear the entire column. Use it when there’s a risk of losing a turn. It will automatically appear above a full column. Tap the crystal icon to clear it.

    Guitar Smash: Use it if there are no matching gems on the game board and you desperately need to open a chest of break a mirror.
      Save power-ups for tougher stages. The game will force you to try one power-up just to explain how it works, so you won’t have too many power-ups left with you. Thankfully, there are surprise gift boxes that grant power-ups once you reach a rank. Collect Golden Hearts in every level, reach the rank target (shown to your left) and get gift boxes.

      4. Create Diamonds and Earn Extra Points

      You will need to link-match 3 same-colored gems to create diamonds. A diamond won’t be created if you match more than or less than 3 gems of the same color. You will see a diamond appear on a random square border. Collect diamonds to earn extra points.

      A diamond can be extremely handy in score-based levels. It adds bonus points to your total score. All you have to do is link two or more gems through it. Yes, the link, i.e. the line that connects two same-colored gems should pierce through a diamond and only then you can earn bonus points.

      5. Connect to Facebook to Send and Receive Lives

      Lives take time to refill, so if you lose all, you may have to wait for a few hours before you get one. You can try the time lapse cheat, where you can set your mobile device’s time ahead a few hours to snag an extra life.

      Another way to get free lives is to connect to Facebook and receive lives from friends playing this game. Don’t forget to send some love to them as well. The more lives you will send, the more lives you will get from your friends.

      6. Plan Your Move: Gem-Dropping Strategies

      Most levels in Love Rocks are move-based. There are various objectives such as reaching score targets, unlocking chests or breaking mirrors before you run out of moves. Plan your gem-dropping strategy keeping in mind the objective and the number of moves available:

      In levels where you will need to open chests, focus only on the unlocking chests. Drop gems on squares closer to chests. Even if there’s no match available, drop a gem closer to a chest. Who knows, the next gem may turn out to be the same color and if you link-match two gems, it will break a lock.
      In mirror-breaking levels, your goal is to break all mirrors, so keep creating longer link-matches to break multiple mirrors in a single move.

      In levels where you will need to reach a score target, try to make longer chains using symbols and gems. Create diamonds by matching gems and link through them to earn bonus points. Look for trinkets below the horizontal line and drop same-color gems close to them.

      7. Make Sure Gems Don’t Hit the Topmost Part of the Game Board

      If a gem or a symbol hits the uppermost part of the board, try to link your same-colored gem to it to remove it from the board. If you fail to do so, then it will be pushed out of the game board and you will lose a move.

      Losing a move can affect your gem-matching strategy. You may fall short of moves and fail to reach your goals. Make sure you keep gems below the danger zone and keep creating longer matches. A Tetris twist to this game makes gameplay more interesting and challenging.