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5 Best Pirate-Themed Android Games For Kids

Sea bandits have always been the center of stories and myths. Books and movies have glorified their exploits and villainy. Some bandits became legends and have even spawned myths about treasure chests and secret coves.

Pirate lore continues to fascinate us through the ages. People, especially kids, love everything associated with these plunderers. In most birthday and Halloween parties, you will see at least one pirate-themed event or someone dressed up as Blackbeard trying to scare others. There are also some entertaining video games that let children play as sea bandits. Here’s a rundown of some of the best games released for Android:

 1. Scurvy Scallywags

The game combines match-3 gameplay with peg legs, screeching parrots, a bottle of rum and possibly every myth associated with these medieval plunderers very well. It has a fine storyline, funny dialogues and a simple, yet addictive gameplay.

The objective is to explore islands in search of wealth and fame (read notoriety). All action takes place on the game board, where matching objects can earn you junk and coins, which can later be used to buy and upgrade ships, improve a character’s skill sets and purchase weapons. Players will need to match 3 or more objects (coins, swords, cockroaches, rum bottles and whatnots) and watch their scallywag move around the board.

Best Android Pirate Games for Kids

The game offers randomly-generated islands and plenty of challenging match-3 quests. The visuals are endearing and will appeal to kids. Children will love the simple gameplay, cartoonish visuals and animated pirates and ships.

2. Play Mobil Pirates

Playmobil line of toys are quite popular among kids aged 10 and above. From adventure island sets to pirate ship sets, every Playmobil brand of playsets has kept children amused since the company’s inception. Now, kids can enjoy playing those toys in a completely different way. Playmobil interactive along with Gameloft lets children build their own virtual island and create their own ship with pixilated versions of playsets and plastic figures.

The game offers some delightful mini-games, and one fun mission to defeat the notorious Blackbeard. The game is quite similar to other base-builders – build a base, collect coins, recruit scallywags and build defensive structures around the cove to defend it against plunderers. The most entertaining part of this

Android game is the sailing mini-game. All these, along with an interactive island full of animals, birds and cute-looking raiders will keep children entertained for hours.

The 3D graphics are endearing and all pixilated pieces of the virtual playset look like carbon copies of the toy version. Children 8 and up will be comfortable playing this game without any help from their parents.

3. Pirates (Puzzle Game)

A fun puzzle game aimed for kids 7 and up. Players have to move colored pirate ships on the game board and arrange them to form a fleet. It’s essentially a matching game, but more engaging and immersive than the usual ones.

The game is played from the top-down perspective. Moving ships on a blue grid won’t be easy as there will be obstacles cleverly placed on the grid. There are thousands of levels and each level is more complicated to solve than the previous one.

The only drawback of this game is that it does not provide a tutorial. Children won’t be able to play without adult assistance. But once they learn how to match ships, they will love solving all levels in this game.

4. Fish vs. Pirates

Fish vs. Pirates is a tower defense game like Plants vs. Zombies, only more addictive. The goal is to protect a mermaid and to do this the player has to place aquatic defenses to avoid a sneak attack by eye patch-wearing fish.

The aquatic scallywags will come in various shapes and sizes. Some will be more aggressive than the others. With each new level, there will be a new type of attacker (Beware of the Sniper and the Ninja fish) making things more difficult for you. Thankfully, there will be quite a few good defenses to choose from, including fighter fish types like the Yellow Fish, Swallow Fish and Starfish.

The visuals are crisp, bright and colorful - straight from a child’s art book. Kids will love the aquatic art. However, this game won’t be suitable for children aged less than 7 years. Parent’s assistance may be required in some levels. There are 40 challenging levels and the game offers in-app purchases.

5. PotShot Pirates 3D

This 3D game can be a fun travel companion because some levels include geo-locations, which unlock when the player reaches real-world locations. The goal is to find a secret treasure hidden somewhere in Yokka Pukka islands. Players can explore a 3D world with their ship, approach one of the desert islands and break the defenses of the evil “Yokkas” who will make sure nobody gets close to their precious cache.

The game is similar to Angry Birds and requires players to aim and shoot at frameworks made of ice, glass and wood. Its 3D technology allows players to move around the island and choose the best spot to launch cannonballs to destroy buildings. With every destroyed building comes rewards in the form of gold, which can be used to summon a large octopus that can destroy any building with a swipe of his tentacle.

This is a fine pirate-themed Android game for kids. It has over 100 desert islands to destroy and plenty of surprises. The visuals are highly detailed; you can see the ripples when you touch the water. Try the free version first before going for the full paid version.

All screenshots, courtesy of their respective developers

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