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10 Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay is a turn-based ship battle game released by HeroCraft. Ship fights reminds me of Sid Meier’s Pirates’ epic battles, except that players take turns to destroy each other’s vessels.

However, that does not mean plundering vessels is boring. A player has more strategic opportunities to defeat rival’s ships. Skills and traps are also crucial elements that decide the fate of a battle. With these tips and strategies, you will be able to make your fleet stronger, defeat tougher opponents and build a strong pirate cove:

1. Level-Up Ship Parts to Make Your Vessel More Powerful

Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay Tips and Strategies

After repairing, make sure you upgrade parts of your attacking ships to make them stronger. Tap on Shipyard and press the Repair button. Next, tap on a part icon shown above your ship’s profile pic. These icons appear soon after you have repaired it. You can upgrade a part of your choice. Here’s what upgrading each part will do:

Upgrading Hull will increase your ship’s defenses. A vessel won’t get destroyed easily even after double attacks. So try to upgrade it regularly. As you progress, enemy ships will be harder to defeat and so a stronger hull is needed to endure attacks.

Upgrading Sails will improve your ship’s speed. In turn-based battles, your ship will move faster, avoiding traps and sea monsters.

Upgrading Cannons will increase damage. This is very crucial in winning a ship battle. Make sure you upgrade it regularly to increase hits per attack so that enemy ships can be destroyed in a few turns. Most battles are timer-based and so a lethal cannon attack can take down ships faster if the damage points are more.

Upgrading Gun Powder will increase your ship’s attack range. With a higher attack range, your ships will be able to attack enemy ships from a distance and won’t have risk falling prey to traps and enemy ambush while constantly moving and coming closer to them.

Vessel parts can be upgraded by spending coins, but sometimes, you will need items and coins to complete the upgrade procedure. You can find and collect these special items by embarking on a “Treasure Hunt” quest. Look for crates icons on your single-player map. You can play the treasure hunt missions as many times as you want to collect items provided you have enough rum.

2. Lure Your Opponents into Sea Traps

Beware of sea monsters. They appear randomly in and around the battle area. As a warning, you might notice an area of boiling water. Avoid moving your ship(s) in that area as chances of a sea monster appearing there is higher.

You can use sea monsters to your advantage by moving your vessels around the boiling water area. This way you can fool AI ships into entering this area and getting gobbled up by giant octopuses and whales. Just make sure you don’t go too close to the danger zone else your ships will fall prey to them.

3. It Takes Two to Tango

Ship battles are turn-based. Players take turns advancing to their target and attacking each other. Always try to move two ships in tandem to get the benefit of a double attack. Move one ship in one turn and the second ship near your first ship in the next turn. Make sure that both ships aren’t too close to each other. If one ship blocks another’s view, you won’t get a double strike.

4. How to Earn More Coins in Corsairs Bay

Unlocking new ships, increasing your fleet size and purchasing new ships/defenses require coins. A lot of them! Here are some tips to earn coins:

Before you level-up your port and shipyard, make sure you have upgraded your villa. It produces gold. Upgrading it will increase its production rate (more gold per hour than before) and capacity. Make sure you level up at regular intervals to get more coins per hour.

You will need plenty of gold to upgrade your port and shipyard, two most important buildings that will let you unlock and carry more ships to battles. Completing quests and earning gold from villa will surely increase your gold count, but where to store them? You will also require storage space. This is where the warehouse comes into play. Upgrading it will increase the maximum capacity (check out the max bar at the top-right corner of your home screen) of your warehouse and all your hard-earned gold won’t go to waste.

Play more single-player missions. The more single-player missions you win, the more coins you will earn. In every mission, the rewards increase. Also, don’t miss the treasure quest missions (crate icons on map) to earn coins as well as rare items.

Play the daily spin every day to get additional coins. Each day, the coin count increases, so this is another great way to earn them without much effort.

5. Magical Abilities or Skills Can Be Of Immense Help in Sea Battles

Use magical abilities (Skills). These abilities appear soon after the ship’s captain reaches a level. You can find out skills, their uses and level your captain needs to reach to unlock a new ability by tapping on his profile pic at the top-left corner of the screen. The first and the most important skill, “Healing” will be unlocked when the captain reaches level 2.

Unlocked abilities are shown on the left hand side of the ship battle screen. Most of them activate after a few turns. The Healing ability appears after two turns, so make sure you tap on it and tap on the attacked ship to regain its HP. Healing can be very useful in timer-based missions, where you will need to destroy enemy ships before the timer runs out.

6. Ships Can Also Level Up Into More Powerful Sailing Beasts


Leveled-up ships can be more powerful and stronger against enemy attacks. To level-up your vessels, just send them to battle. The more enemy ships you destroy, the faster they will level up. If you go to the shipyard and tap on the upgrade button, you will notice a green circular bar on each ship’s profile pic at the bottom of the screen. When this green bar fills up completely, your ship gets leveled-up. If one of your ships is always used for the first strike, its green bar will fill up faster.

7. Repair Your Ships After Every Battle

The red bar, on the other hand, is your ship’s HP. Make sure that it’s filled up completely so that you don’t lose a battle. Repair work requires coins and the amount varies according to the completion level. If the bar is 80 percent filled up, it will take fewer coins than a partially damaged ship. For a completely damaged ship, you will have to spend more gold and it will also take some time to finish the repair work.

8. Build a Pirate Stash to Protect Gold and Rum from Invaders

The pirate stash stores a part of your wealth. If your island gets destroyed, a part of your wealth will always remain safe hidden somewhere in this stash. Make sure you upgrade the stash regularly so that it stores more gold and rum. Stash requires 7000 coins and is available in the Build menu.

9. Build a Laboratory to Learn Special Abilities for Your Ships

Each ship of yours has a special ability (not to be confused with the hero or captain’s ability). Building a laboratory and learning a new vessel skill will empower you ships with special abilities, making your fleet stronger than ever.

10. How to Win Multiplayer Battles

Most multiplayer battles will be easy to win or quite competitive because the computer will find a similar-level player for you. You just need to level-up your ships, upgrade their parts and have at least one ability (skill) unlocked by leveling up your captain before you embark on a PvP battle. Play more single-player battles if you want to level-up your captain and ships.

In Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay, you receive trophies by winning multiplayer battles. The more trophies you collect, the more the chances of reaching the top 3 of the online leaderboard. The first three winners will receive gold and rum.

Remember that your main objective is to destroy your opponent’s shipyard and pirate ports. Before accessing them, fight defender ships and avoid/destroy defenses. Once you have destroyed those two buildings, its game over for your opponent. Beware of traps and obstacles.

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