Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup: 7 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup is a fun little side-scroller featuring your favorite and not-so-favorite LoL characters. The game’s objective is simple – grab as many cute little creatures as you can to earn coins. Missed grabbing a furball, and you lose a life. Missed two more and its game over for you!

Coins earned by saving creatures can be used to purchase items that can help you defeat bosses or grab creatures faster. The game’s pretty easy to play, but as you progress, grabbing creatures and defeating bosses will be tougher. Check out these quick tips and tricks to help you catch more creatures and beat baddies:

1. Grab the Slow Poros First

There are slow poros and then there are fast poros. Tap on the right side of the screen to grab the slower ones. You can easily identify which are slower than the others. The ones that fall behind the race are usually slower. They will come closer to your hero. White ones are usually slower than the others, so are those ice-covered creatures. You will need to tap on the right side of the screen twice to break the ice and grab them.

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Tips and Tricks

2. Bump’em Forward When Things Become Tougher

While the first priority is to catch these cute creatures using Blitzcrank’s right hand, many times grabbing all won’t be easy. When your hero comes closer to too many creatures, the best option is to quickly tap up and down to bump the closest ones forward. Once all are at a safe distance, tap right to capture the ones that come a bit closer than the others.

3. Power-Ups Will Boost Your Creature Saving Adventure

Pay attention to power-ups that appear randomly while catching Poros. Some make these creatures run faster, whereas others save them from being eaten up by Baron Nasher. Tap right to catch these power-ups.

Power-ups can be bumped forward by colliding with them.
In case there are too many creatures and a power-up near your hero, quickly switch lanes and bump everyone, including the power-up, forward. Don’t ignore the purple diamond. Grabbing this power-up saves all creatures visible on your game screen.

There’s also a power-up that’s shaped like a Ram’s horn. Grabbing this power-up will make a new character appear behind your hero. He will bump all slow poros (or those that you have missed bumping/grabbing) forward so that they don’t fall prey to the evil monster and cost you a life. but he will do this only once and then disappear.

4. Grab the Wizard to Free Other Creatures From His Clutches

Wizard poros (yes those little creatures that control other poros with a magic rope) need to be captured first before you can free other creatures from its clutches.

If a wizard is too far away and the creatures controlled by him have come closer to you, just dash them forward until you catch hold of him. Wizards earn you more coins than normal creatures.

5. How to Earn Coins

You will need coins to purchase items. Each saved creature will earn you some coins. Special poros like the ones covered in ice, wizards and those who stun to disable your hero’s ability for a few seconds can earn you more coins.

The coins you earn in every new game add up to the total value, so you don’t need to worry if you die mid-way as the coins you have accumulated before dying will be saved.

Play previous levels, the easier ones, as many times as possible to earn extra coins. These coins will be added to the total coins you have earned so far.

6. Special Items to the Rescue

Make sure you add purchased items to empty slots before playing a level. You can add up to 2 items to slots. Once you have purchased more than two items, you can keep the most useful ones and discard those that you don’t need.

To remove previously equipped item, Go to the Main menu > Story Mode and tap on the small square(s) just beside the “Next” button. Press “Unequip” to empty your slot. You may use the discarded ones anytime. Try to experiment with different items to get the maximum value from them.

7. How to Beat Bosses

You need to defeat a boss at the end of each level in Blitzcrank’s Poro roundup and only then you can go to the next level. These bosses you will meet in every level are pixilated versions of popular characters from the League of Legends universe. Once you reach the boss round in any level and die, the game starts from where you left, not from the beginning. Boss rounds are pretty fun and quite tough sometimes.

Try to come closer to a boss and grab him/her by tapping on the right side of the screen to punch them. Every boss has a unique attack and the game will help you in finding a way to avoid their special attacks. Three punches and your boss will be defeated.

When you grab an enemy, all poros on the screen vanish, leaving your hero and the boss behind. This is where a small cut-scene shows your hero give an upper cut with his extended arm. Make sure you have unlocked Boots of Mobility and Rune of Tenacity. The former lets your hero run faster, whereas the rune reduces stuns and slows from boss attacks.