Pac-Man 256 - 7 Tips, Hints and Tricks to Survive the Maze

From the creators of Crossy Road and Bandai Namco comes a totally revamped, 3D pixel-art version of Pac-Man. 256 sticks to traditional mechanics, but adds a few twists and turns to gameplay. Besides relying on pellets to become invincible for a few seconds, the titular protagonist can also chase ghosts, fry them with laser beams, unleash a tornado and even go invisible.

There’s also the menacing Glitchy, a digital trap that follows Pac-Man from the bottom of the screen. This alphanumeric monster can consume anything that comes closer it and so one has to be careful and move faster to avoid getting trapped in this digital soup. Ghosts are smarter than before and can be a real threat if you don’t out-maneuver them quickly. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to survive the Pac-Man 256 maze:

1. Quick Hints to Avoid the Pink, Red and Gray Ghosts

These stalkers can be a headache if they spot you. The red one is the cleverest of all and will do anything to grab Pac-Man. Here’s how to avoid them:

Pinky: Avoid choosing a path where the pink ghost stays put. If you are in her line of sight, she will follow you. Better to switch to a totally different path when you see her. Walls can act as obstacle to her line of sight, so can easily move past her if there is a wall between you and the pink ghost.

Pac-Man 256 Tips, Hints and Tricks

A pink ghost will follow Pac-Man for some time. She is quite fast and will immediately gobble him up. Try not to move in a straight path. Look for a corner or a tunnel.

Red Ghost: Avoiding Blinky can be a real challenge. He is often seen moving down or moving in circles. If he sees Pac-Man, he will leave no stone unturned in destroying him. The red ghost will find shortcuts to come closer to him. Try turning corners several times so that he loses your trail.

Gray Ghost: Can be found anywhere half asleep (or pretending to be asleep). Once you get closer to him, Spunky will wake up and chase our dot-gobbling hero. He can even see Pac-man behind a wall, so make sure you don’t move towards him. Choose another path if you spot him early. The gray ghost will follow you for a few seconds, stop again fall asleep.

2. Look for White Cubes When Pac-Man is in Ghost-Gobble Mode

Well that’s when our dear dot-gobbling guy ingests a pellet and becomes invincible for a few seconds. This is when all ghosts turn white. In ghost-gobble mode, you may find tiny white cubes scattered around the maze randomly. Eating this cube will increase the pellet meter to some extent. The pellet meter can be seen at the top of the screen, and appears when he eats the power pellet.

Eating up ghosts stops the meter from decreasing quickly, so keep on eating ghosts and look for white cubes to become invincible for a longer period of time.

3. Upgrade Power-ups with Coins

Coins are used to upgrade power-ups, so don’t miss those objects with the “C” icon. Collect as many coins as you can, then tap on the lightening icon before hitting the big Play button. Tap on a power-up and then the big blue button to upgrade it.

After an upgrade, some power-ups extend time whereas give extra points for gobbling ghosts. For example, upgrading the Laser power-up to level 1 increases the total time to 7 seconds from 5 seconds, which means you have extra 2 seconds to blast enemies with your laser equipped hero. Look for benefits at the bottom of the blue button before tapping on the upgrade button.

Want more coins? Watch a video to get them free (tap on the “Earn Gift” bar). You can also check out tasks that appear after Pac-Man dies. Completing them will earn you coins. Tasks include gobbling fruits, destroying ghosts using powers etc.

4. Select the Most Destructive Power-Ups Before Start of Play

You will unlock power-ups while playing the game. A power-up gets unlocked when the required pac-dots are met. Keep gobbling pac-dots to come closer to unlocking a new power-up and you will have one unlocked soon. Once you have more than 3 power-ups, tap on the lightening icon and tap on a power-up to see its uses and how destructive it can be in getting rid of ghosts.

Once you know each power-up’s benefits, select the ones that can be really effective in destroying multiple ghosts. Tap on a power-up that you want to add to the loadout, and then tap on the currently equipped power-up to replace it with the new one.

5. How to Deal with Orange and Blue Ghosts

While they are some of the most “harmless ghosts”, they can be quite confusing. The orange ghost or Clyde is always seen moving down in a hurry, but you never know which path it chooses while descending. Stop when you see more than one orange ghost descending the maze. You may also have to go back quickly and choose a different path in case you see her coming towards Pac-Man.

Blue ghost or Inky keeps on moving around in the same place up, down or horizontally. You can easily figure out his movement pattern. Still, some of them may have a totally different pattern. Stop for a second and identify his movement pattern. Better, follow him when he moves up and then quickly turn in the opposite direction.

6. Stop and Go Back to Avoid Being Eaten Up By Ghosts

There’s no harm in stopping and going back when you see some ghosts charging at you. Just make sure the glitch isn’t too close to Pac-Man (which is why you should always move up faster when you few ghosts moving around. You may then choose to wait for a few seconds to see a ghost’s movement pattern and plan your movement accordingly).

Stop when you see slow purple ghosts blocking your path and move towards a tunnel or wait and let them move away from Pac-Man.

Stop, move down and choose another path if you see orange ghosts coming down. Yes you will have some time to choose your path, go back and stop. However, you will have to be pretty quick as you score more and go higher up the maze.

7. Purple and Green Ghosts Move in Packs

Of these two, purple ghosts are slower and deliberately do this to irritate Pac-Man. But then they are quite slow and if you see them coming towards him horizontally, quickly move past them.

Green ghosts are faster and you may have to wait for them to move away from Pac-Man before you move up the maze. I love gobbling them up when I eat the pellet. This keeps my pellet meter stable.

Green ghosts can be extremely scary when they move faster across a small area. You have to be pretty quick to move up when they move in the opposite direction.