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Terminator Genisys: Revolution - 5 Tips and Tricks to Win Missions

Terminator Genisys: Revolution is another impressive third person shooter from Glu Games. While most gameplay features are similar to other Glu games, missions are not easy to complete as swarms of enemies will rip through your defenses and try their best to kill you and your accomplices.

To achieve victory over machines, you will need to know what each weapon type works and how to use them. You may find these tips and tricks useful in eliminate terminators, spider-bots and a host of other enemies.

1. When Should You Switch to Another Weapon?

There are 3 main types of missions – Long range missions, short range missions and medium range missions. While the game allows you to switch to a weapon of your choice in any mission, it is recommended to use a weapon that matches with the mission’s range. Use a sniper rifle to take out enemies in long range missions, a shotgun in short range missions for up close and personal combat and assault rifle in medium range missions.

You may switch to a different weapon type instead of a recommended weapon anytime. I tried using an assault rifle in short range missions and achieved success. However, things get scary when enemies come too close to you, but thankfully the game automatically switches to a shotgun and enters slow motion mode.

If you are surrounded by enemies and the reload time is bugging you, just switch to an assault rifle to take them down faster. Using a different weapon in timer-based sniper missions is a big no-no. In sniper missions, keep an eye on explosives and shoot them to eliminate multiple enemies.

Try to stick to the recommended weapon type and switch to a different gun only when you can’t kill enemies faster using your current weapon.

2. Use Secondary Fire Sparingly

Secondary fire such as Grenade launchers, EMP Blast and Rocket Launchers are rare and so use them when you are surrounded by too many enemies or can’t eliminate a terminator in boss fights. Save them for harder missions. You may occasionally receive a rocket or a grenade if you watch a 30-second video. Look for such offers. They usually pop up when you have completed a mission.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different weapons’ secondary fire power. An assault rifle has grenade blaster; shotgun lets you use EMP blast and a sniper rifle doubles up as a rocket launcher. All secondary weapons are useful, but EMP blast and can take down multiple enemies coming from all directions at once if used at the right moment.

3. Destroy Spider-Bots Before They Explode

Spiders appear randomly and can be a bit harder to eliminate because of their quick unpredictable movements. Take aim and eliminate any spider immediately before they come too close and explode. The damage inflicted by an exploding spider bot can decrease your character’s HP considerably.

Another benefit of eliminating a spider bot is that it can do some damage to terminators soon after it explodes. Try to eliminate it when it comes closer to an enemy.

Tip: Use your assault weapon to destroy flying bots. Their laser beams won’t harm much if you hide behind cover.

4. You can Play a Spec Op Mission Without Spending Energy

Certain missions will require plasma cells to upgrade specific components of a weapon. You will need to upgrade them with plasma cells or you won’t access that mission.

To earn plasma cells, play Spec Op missions, which are harder missions, but do not require energy. You can play a Spec Ops mission as many times as you want, but make sure you have secondary fire ready

5. How to Eliminate Enemies in Spec Op Missions

Eliminating enemies won’t be easy if you don’t have secondary fire like rockets of EMP. The game will provide free rockets, grenades and EMP via videos soon after you have failed a spec ops mission. Watch a video to get them for free.

Change a weapon when your character begins loading a gun. The toughest enemies to beat are spider bots. Their unpredictable movements will make it difficult for you to attack them. Using an assault rifle could be the best option in dealing with these pests.

Another way to eliminate enemies faster is to upgrade your assault rifle, shotgun and sniper rifle. Go to Weapons and tap on a gun to access more information.

Next, tap on “Upgrade” But for upgrades you will need cash. Well, you can earn them by playing survival missions (two yellow arrows icon on the map). They will require at least 10 stamina points, but reward better and are quite easy to complete.

6. How to Eliminate Terminators Faster

You will need to be quick enough to eliminate terminators. No you cannot keep hiding behind cover for a very long time. Your concrete cover will get destroyed in seconds.

Keep shooting at enemies and make sure you aim for their heads. Whether you are using a sniper, assault rifle or a shot gun, always keep your gun’s crosshair at the head level for a quick kill. This will save you from reloads.

All screenshots, Courtesy of Glu Games

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