Bears vs. Art: Tips and Tricks to Solve Puzzles

From the makers of Fruit Ninja comes another innovative and fun title. But this time, instead of slashing fruits, you will be destroying works of art.

Rory the bear does not like his home being encroached on by art lovers, and so he decides to scare the hell out of them by smashing paintings. You will need to help him succeed in his mission. Use your brains to access paintings, make the most of contraptions/portals and avoid authorities and traps and get rid of so-called art aficionados.

Bears vs. Art is a fun, addictive and full of surprises. You won’t be bored even for a single second. These beginner-level tips and tricks provide all help you may need while solving puzzles:

How to Make the Most of Rory’s Skill System

Rory has four different types of skills – Savvy, Intelligence, Cunning and Speed. You will need to spend skill points (up arrow icon) to improve them, which can be done by pressing the plus button beside each skill. Skill points refill over time. You will need to come back after 2 hours to get one skill point.

Training Rory’s skills not only improves his intelligence, speed and cunningness, but also gives extra bonuses once a star is filled up in each skill level. For example: In Savvy, collecting the first star will give a 20 percent coin earning boost. Similarly, training Rory’s Intelligence will give you extra moves for move-based levels. Collecting stars in Cunning will give you extra paws and collecting stars in Speed will give you extra seconds for timer-based levels.

You can also add skill points to skills by upgrading Rory’s costume. Go to Costumes and tap on the wrench icon beside the unlocked costume. Tap on skill to add +1 skill bonus. Go for a costume upgrade if the “Success Chance” is over 50 percent or around 70-80 percent. You can expedite the upgrade time by spending coins.

Try not to waste money on too many costumes. One costume costs around 1000 coins and it takes several levels to collect them. Have a maximum of 1-2 costumes and keep on upgrading them/find specials with coins.

Each costume bestows some unique powers, so you may try to purchase all of them, but it would be wiser to use and upgrade one or two costumes as most levels will test your logic and these powers will be of little use.

How to Get Bonus Coins

There are several ways to get bonus coins in Bears vs. Art:

1. Completing a level before the timer ends.

2. Finishing a level before you run out of moves. You get bonus coins even if you have one move left.

3. Connecting with friends on Facebook and Google+ (you will receive 500 coins). You will need to tap on the red mailbox icon in the Map screen to connect with your friends.

4. You get coins as daily rewards. Here’s a trick: Share coins as rewards with a friend on Facebook to increase it. You also get free hints and skill points as daily rewards.

Cheat to Get Unlimited Coins:

There’s a simple cheat to get free coins at regular intervals. Go to Map and pinch to zoom-out. Search for coins hidden and scattered all around it. Now tap on Play. Next, tap on the back (white arrow) button beside the Play button. You will find coins appearing in random spots on the map.

Repeat this procedure to get unlimited coins. Remember Map > Play > Back Button and then search for coins. You can also wait for a few seconds or so for the coins to reappear and then tap on them to collect them.

Tips and Tricks to Complete Levels

1. Can’t solve hard levels? Just take a screenshot of a level and mark all possible moves on it. You can use MS-paint on your laptop or any other drawing software on your Android device to draw Rory’s path. Once you find all right moves, start playing the level. This will certainly save you tickets.

2. In levels where you will have to remove guests with limited number of moves, wait for more guests to appear in Rory’s path. This way you can remove multiple guests in one single move. In levels that require you to destroy all art as well as remove guests, try to remove those guests that block Rory’s path to the painting. This way you can remove them and destroy painting in one move.

3. Can’t find out a way to destroy the last painting? Use the hint system before making the first move, even if you know what your first move will be. This is because the hint system will show all moves right from the start instead of showing the path to the last painting, so it’s a waste of hints if you use it mid-way. Use the hint system only when you can’t solve a level even after multiple tries.

4. Take advantage of traps and laser beams to remove snoopy security guards. You can also rush into them when they have their back turned against Rory or when he is not in their flashlight’s field of view. Be quick before they have their flashlights turned towards him.

5. Ignore occasional upgrade and purchase suggestions. Upgrade costumes only when you have the required amount of coins.

6. For paintings at the corner of a room, you just have to dash into them from any direction. You don’t have to access them diagonally; you can reach them horizontally or vertically.

7. Out of paws? You may wait for a few minutes or spend money. If you want it dirt quick and for free, then ask your Facebook friends. Another way to get them is to look for hidden paws on the map.

What’s the Infinite Mode?

You can unlock “Infinite” mode, in level 40. The Infinite mode creates a random level just for you. The level generated may be a bit harder than the ones in Adventure mode. Yes you can earn coins in this mode and the entry fee is one paw.

If you fail to complete level, the game will suggest an easy level for a price of 100 coins. Try not to waste your hard earned coins in getting an easy level, and if you really want one, then you should go back to the Adventure mode.