Sky Punks: 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Sky Punks isn’t your average endless runner. It’s lively, cute and extremely addicting. The gorgeous world of Neo Terra is unique in every aspect. Instead of running, you glide through air, jumping, dodging and sliding past obstacles.

Gameplay is simple. You select a character and a vehicle to complete various challenges. The highlight of this game is racing missions where you will need to reach the finishing line ahead of your friends and rivals to earn rewards. However it’s not easy to complete challenges in Sky Punks. These tips and tricks will help you make the most of power-ups, earn more coins and win races:

1. Use Speed Boosters for Racing Missions and Blasters for Large Obstacles

Use Blasters if all three lanes are blocked by big walls or if there’s a creature or a large object approaching you.

Speed boosters can also be used to break obstacles. Use these two power-ups sparingly as you have few of them in every level. In racing missions, a speed booster can be used in the first few seconds of play to race past rivals. In "Score" levels, use it soon after catching a score multiplier. This will ultimately boost your score.

2. Switch to a Different Costume

Not only does it makes your character look smart, but it also provides costume perks. Look for costume choices in the character selection screen, just below the character name. Choose the one that requires coins, not Neo Crystals. Buying a costume with coins can be more affordable because it’s easy to earn them. You can replay “endless” reward missions to earn coins.

3. Video Clips to Your Rescue

Bumped into an obstacle? No worries. You can continue where you left from by watching a video clip. The video clip option appears when you crash for the first time. You will then have to spend Neo Crystals if you want to revive your rider again. Choose the video option wisely. I would suggest choosing it after you have completed the first or second challenge. The Revive option not only lets you start from where you left from, but also refreshes attacks and boosts.

4. Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade

Upgrade your riders to increase the duration of power-ups. For example: Magnet, Shield or Score Double will last a few seconds longer if you upgrade Billy. The upgrade benefits will come into play as and when you catch a power-up while gliding along tough terrain.

Upgrades require coins – a lot of them. Make sure you replay previous levels, especially reward missions to collect as many coins as you want. These are truly endless runner levels that will let you collect coins until your crash and bump. Remember that each level, whether new or old, will cost energy.

5. Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Glidewings As Well

Tap on the Glidewing icon on the bottom of the home screen and select a vehicle to upgrade. Upgrading vehicles decreases recharge time, improves cc, boost, armor and attacks per dash. Choose a rider whose style matches with the vehicle.

You can check which rider rides a vehicle by tapping on the info icon beside each Glidewing’s name. You can experiment by choosing a different rider, but IMO, selecting the “original rider” of a vehicle has its own perks. You can also find out a character’s favorite vehicle by tapping on the info icon beside his/her name.

6. Switch Lanes Mid-Air

In several occasions, your vehicle will fly a bit higher than usual, thanks to power jumpers. While flying, switch lanes in mid-air if you see an obstacle from a distance. This will save you from dashing into it.

7. Catch Those Green Shields

Don’t ignore the armor power-up. You will usually find it in areas that have a challenging obstacle course ahead.

8. Ways to Earn Coins
There are several ways to earn coins. Besides replaying previous “Reward” levels, you can also earn coins by sharing your score on your Facebook account. Tap on the F icon at the bottom of the screen to connect to FB. Look for coin splitters and magnets. Upgrade your riders as they can increase the duration of coins splitters and magnets. Coins can be used to upgrade riders and vehicles, buy costumes etc.

9. Choose a Recommended Driver

Before accepting a mission, check rewards per challenge and the recommended driver. Selecting a recommended driver has its own perks. Some drivers may boost the overall score; while others let you catch more coins. For example, in Acid Outskirts mission 4, choosing the recommended driver Billy will let you score more because the score doubler power-up will last a bit longer (in case you catch one while riding) for Billy than for other riders.

10. Make The Most of Procedurally-Generated Levels

Most levels (except racing missions) will let you continue to ride and collect more coins once you have completed all challenges. Make the most of such levels and rake in as much coins as possible.