10 Marvel Mighty Heroes Tips, Hints and Tricks

Marvel Mighty Heroes brings an ensemble of characters to your mobile device. It’s a real-time 4-player co-op brawler and features adorable, “chibi” versions of your favorite characters. The game’s fairly easy to play, but becomes quite addictive once you know how to beat up enemies.

There are rewards galore and plenty of unlockable characters, including those from Guardians of Galaxy as well as your favorite characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man. These Marvel Mighty Heroes tips and tricks will help you make the most of each character class, earn more event points and rank higher on the leaderboard:

1. Each map has different spawn areas. A spawn area is where enemies start appearing in large numbers. Find one in your map, and tap to go there. Your character will beat up any bad guy he sees.

Don’t move around once you have finished beating a set of enemies. Wait for a few seconds and you will see them appearing again. The benefit of moving your character to a spawn area is that you can eliminate enemies quickly as they won’t have much time to react. More kills will earn you more Event Points (EP)/XP and you will rank up on the leaderboard faster.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Tips and Tricks

2. While battling enemies, select a Marvel character with a class that matches an event’s “Recommended Class”. Choosing one will give you a class boost in battle. You can find the class boost on the “Squad Assembled” screen. To check what class your characters belongs to, tap “Team”. You will find the class icon at the bottom-right corner of each hero’s profile pic.

3. Each team has a leader who leads the battle i.e. fights first. But many times, you don’t want a particular character to lead simply because his/her class does not match with an event’s recommended class or may be his level is lower than the second or third character. Of course you can switch to another character while battling, but you won’t have much time to think. Missions are timer-based, so you should just go and bash enemies.

You can easily replace the current leader with a new one. To do this, go to “Team” and tap on the first character's profile. You will be taken to the “Hero Select” screen. Tap on another character which you to lead your team. Now go back and you will see the current team leader replaced by the chosen one.

4. There are 4 types of classes: Scrappers, Blasters, Bruisers and Generalists. Blasters (example: Iron Man) attack from a distance. Look for more open space and use their skills to deal major damage to enemies. They are poor at close combat. On the other hand, Bruisers would be a great choice for close combat. Use The Incredible Hulk’s Gamma Smash deal massive area damage if you are fighting a bunch of bad guys.

Scrappers are swift-footed and can deal major damage quickly. However their area of damage is lesser than Blasters. Generalists are all-rounders and do well in most situations. Choose the best fighter in your team and don’t forget to select a leader (i.e., the one who leads the fight) that matches with the recommended class.

5. Each event has different types of missions. In survival missions, your team will need to win a mission unbeaten before the timer runs out. In Defend missions, you will have to protect crates and other objects from getting destroyed by enemies. In boss missions, you will need to defeat a boss who could just be roaming around beating up your party or destroying crates.

No matter what the mission objective is, just make sure you have one team member that belongs to the recommended class. Also, make sure you have higher-ranked (3 stars or more) characters in your team as they can beat up enemies faster than lower-ranked characters.

6. Each Event has separate categories of rewards. The first set of rewards is by Tiers rank. You will earn them only after an event ends. It usually takes a few days or a week for an event to end. Keep winning missions to rank high on the leaderboard. The higher the rank, the more rewards you will get. Make sure you stay within the 1-10 rank range until an event finishes to earn maximum rewards.

The second category is by Event Points (EP). This grants rewards instantly after you reach an EP total. EPs are earned when a mission gets completed. They are calculated based on the damage dealt per player. Beat up more enemies, collect EP and earn rewards once you reach a points total of 250 and above.

7. Visit the Store daily to recruit a free hero. You may also get a new suit, which unlocks additional skills. To get a 3-star character, you will need to spend gold bars. In the free section, you get one extra spin if you spend 500 gold bars or 3 spins for 1400 gold bars.

8. You can earn Gold bars in Marvel Mighty Heroes by completing quests. Tap on the “More” button on the top-left corner of the screen and select Quests. There you will find a list of “tasks” that grant rewards after completing them. You will be notified when a task gets completed, so keep an eye on the “More” button. Don’t forget to claim your quest rewards.

9. XP canisters are used to level-up your characters faster. You can get them as EP rewards. Each XP canister is created for a specific class. Once you have earned an XP canister, go to “Team”, tap on a character to enter “Hero Select” and tap on the red plus sign on a profile pic to level up your character. To level-up character skills, you will need ISO-8, which you can earn as rewards in events.

10. Know your character moves. You just need to tap once to move to a spawn area and let your character do the job. He/She will automatically attack enemies that come under their field of vision. Swipe and your character will dodge enemy attacks.Tap on an enemy if you want to attack him.