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Agent Alice: Tips, Hints and Tricks

Wooga’s Agent Alice has brought the hidden object genre back from the dead. While the game sticks to traditional HoG mechanics, a rather intriguing storyline and a host of unique mini-games compensate for the same old boring hidden object gameplay. The visuals are stunning, and each scene is a masterpiece of its own, meticulously designed to make sure objects aren’t found easily.

The key hurdle in solving Agent Alice’s cases is stars and you will need to score big to earn them. These tips, hints and tricks will help you score more points, earn stars faster and find objects without using in-game hints.

How to Get Multipliers in Every Scene

The faster you find objects, the more points you will earn. You will be rewarded with multipliers that can easily boost your score. And as we all know, the higher the score, the closer you will get to earn a star. The best way to get a good Time and Accuracy score is to inspect the hidden object scene and mentally note down the first four objects mentioned in the list on the top of the game screen.

Once you have found all 4 objects, quickly tap on them without wasting any time. The timer located at the bottom of the game screen gets activated immediately after you tap on the second object. Make sure you tap on all 4 objects quickly before the timer runs out. This is one quick way to earn a 3X multiplier.

While tapping, you will notice new object names appearing on the list. Look for these new items while tapping on the first four items which you have mentally noted down. If you find some, tap on them as well. This way you will quickly find all objects quickly before the timer runs out. Make sure you tap on those objects which you can easily identify.

Score More and Earn Stars Faster By Replaying Previously-Solved Scenes

In most episodes, some tasks will require you to wait several minutes, even hours. If you are bored with the waiting time, why not replay a previously-solved hidden object scene until the task finishes? Since you will be familiar with a previously solved scene, you will find objects quickly, score more points and maybe earn a star or two.

As far as I know, most items in a previously-solved scene won’t change their place. However, new objects may appear when you solve a scene the second or the third time. Most of the previously-played scenes will throw a mix of old and new items for you to search.

Not All Hidden Object Puzzles Are Easy to Solve

Some objects can be found in places where you will least expect them to be. Scan the entire scene and look for an item in every nook and corner before you start tapping objects. Along with objects, there will be evidence pieces like documents, formulas, clues such as footsteps etc.

Sometimes the items mentioned in the list won’t be real objects but an imprint or a symbol. For example, the diamond in a hidden object scene in episode 3 was actually a symbol of a diamond printed on a lampshade. Expect the unexpected as you progress throughout different scenes in every episode.

Extra Tips

1. The list shows names of four items at the top of the game screen. If you can’t find an object, then maybe it’s camouflaged into the background pretty well or you don’t know how it looks like. Just press the pause button, go to Google image search and enter the name of the item that you can’t recognize in the hidden object scene. Now return to the game once you get an idea of how the object looks like.

2. Save hints for harder levels. You don’t earn hints easily, however you may get them as a reward if you find all objects in a row before the timer reaches zero. Besides hints, you also earn energy. A full energy refill is earned if you solve timer-based tasks or an all-important task without any delay.

3. You may solve scenes from previous episodes to earn rewards. But it is actually a waste of energy as they don’t offer much rewards except for energy or a hint. Also, the stars earned in a previously-played episode cannot be used in the current episode. Focus on playing and replaying hidden object scenes in the current episode to earn extra rewards and stars.

4. The game offers several mini-games, including quick-time events, jigsaws and other puzzles that need to be completed before the energy timer runs out. Now, this special energy timer has energy units instead of seconds. Every one second of delay while solving puzzles would mean a loss of one energy point. Try to solve a mini-game faster to rake in as much energy as possible.

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