Transformers: Battle Tactics Tips, Hints and Tricks

Transformers: Battle Tactics is the newest turn-based tactical game from Dena and Hasbro Gaming. The game features over 75 characters. The midget versions of the original Transformers heroes and villains look amazing on your mobile screen.
Gameplay is very similar to most turn-based tactical games for Android. However, Battle Tactics offers new features to make play time more fun and engaging.
The tutorial mode explains game basics, but you will need to do more work on your units and tactics if you want to win. Follow these tips and tricks if you need that right team combination to defeat opponents.

Alt Mode or Robot Mode
Before hitting the “Fight” button, you should check which mode deals maximum damage to enemy units. The action value of each unit changes when you switch to alt mode (vehicle mode).
Remember: The more the attack value, the more damage your enemies will suffer. Switching to alt mode may or may not increase the attack value. When I tapped on Thundercracker to switch to Jet mode, the action bar was decreased by one value, so I got back to robot mode. In some occasions I got the first strike after selecting vehicle mode. Try experimenting with different modes to get the right combination.

Transformers Battle Tactics Tips and Tricks

When to Use the Re-Spin Ability

Use the re-spin ability only when the current unit has a lower attack value. The re-spin ability is used with the hopes of getting higher attack values, but because of the randomness of these values, it does not guarantee a higher value. If your unit already has a higher attack value, say 10 or 12, then you should not waste your ability point on re-spins. (Make sure you have upgraded your units to boost attack values before using the re-spin ability on the battle arena)

Re-spins can also be used to get the first strike. But then there’s no guarantee that the action bar will stop at the blue attack value. Spend your ability points wisely and choose re-spin only when one of your units has a low attack value.

Upgrade Your Units

Level-up your units to make them more powerful. Now this is something you have done in almost every Android game, but in Transformers: Battle Tactics you may need to upgrade both vehicle and robot modes.

Upgrading them will increase their attack value and HP – Two crucial elements of battle. Tap on Menu > Battle. Next, tap on a unit’s profile. You can see an animated "upgrade" sign behind a vehicle or a robot. Tap on the big upgrade button below to promote a mode to the next level. Upgrades require cybercoins.

Avoid Using Coins for Faster Repair

If your team gets defeated in battle, there will be a cool down mode to repair them. Repairs usually take a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. You may speed up repairing by spending cybercoins. However, if the repairing takes less time, then you should not waste your hard-earned coins on fixing up your units. Save them for upgrades and unit purchases.

Get Resources and Characters via Space Bridge

Tap on Menu > Space Bridge to access “Drops”. Of these, the Deluxe and Basic options provide free drops. If you choose basic drops, you will receive cyber coins and cybermetals. There’s also a fair chance of getting rare resources and uncommon characters.

Deluxe Drops will grant cybercoins and resources with a chance to get super resources and rare characters. You can choose a maximum of 3 drops from both Deluxe and Basic drops. Come back every 12 hours to get free resources and coins from both Deluxe and Basic drops.

Unlock Characters and Create Your Own Team

You can create your own squad via the Edit Team menu. You can clear your current team or build a second or a third team from scratch by tapping on the number button at the top-left corner of the game screen. You can build a maximum of 3 teams.

Tap on a number and then drag and drop spare units onto the empty slot. If you don’t have enough units to build a team, just purchase them via the Characters menu. Win battles, earn league points, complete special series to get promoted to a new tier and unlock uncommon characters.

Use Special Abilities at Crucial Points

Special abilities require ability points. Some abilities require only one point, whereas others require more than 3. Use advanced abilities for tougher enemies. I found the re-spin ability quite useful as I could use it to get higher attack values for units with low attack values. Ability points regenerate in a new round.

You will have to wait for one round if you want to use an ability that requires more than three points. For example: To use the Air Strike ability, spend all three points in the first round. In the next round, when your turn comes, spend one point to activate this ability. This way, you will have to wait two rounds to activate the Air Strike ability.

"Targeting" is also a good ability if you want all three of your units to target an enemy unit with high HP and attack values. Photon Strike can be of immense use to inflict max damage to a single enemy unit. You unlock new abilities by winning battles. Wins in a row boosts league points and promotes you to a higher tier, which unlocks new abilities as well as characters.