Run Bird Run: Tips and Hints

Move over Flappy Bird, Run Bird Run is here and it’s more addicting than then that mobile pipe-dodging game. The objective is to move your bird and avoid getting crushed by falling crates.

Gameplay may seem easy for the first few seconds, but becomes very challenging once boxes fall in groups. What’s worse, they fall faster than ever before. Follow these quick tips if you want to score more points, collect toffees and avoid getting squished by a crate:

1. Always climb to the top of the crates. You don’t want to get stuck in a gap between two or more boxes. As you progress, crates fall faster, and you will need to be double quick to move the bird to the top. Hence, you should always be on the move and make sure the bird is at the top of the crates.

2. Don’t wait for the falling boxes to build up into a tower. Going up can be a lot slower than going down, especially when there are three crates to climb up. Try to climb up one or two crates max and always stay on the top.

3. Look for exclamation marks at the top of the screen. These warning signals appear few seconds before the falling boxes. Keep an eye on those exclamation marks and move your bird immediately to a safe place (where no exclamation marks appear) the moment you see them.

4. Pay attention to the exclamation mark just above your bird. You just need to concentrate on that and move away from it. In later stages, crates will fall in groups of three, so all you need to do is make sure whether one of the multiple exclamation marks appears above your bird. Next, check on which side the other two exclamation marks are. If they are on its left, then move right to a safe place. If the boxes are on its right side, then move left. You will need to be lightening fast in doing so. And it is possible once you have practiced a bit.

5. Be quick. Press and hold the left or right button if you want the bird to climb up to the top of a crate quickly. A slight delay and the poor feathered creature will be crushed by a falling box.

6. Control your greed. Don’t just go after any toffees. A falling toffee may be accompanied by a crate, which may fall much faster. It might be a trap so wait and watch. The first few moments of gameplay are usually slower and so you may take a risk. I could easily snag a toffee and move away easily before a crate could fall on my bird. But when crates start falling faster, I play the waiting game and prefer moving my bird to a safe spot than going after toffees. You will get plenty of opportunities to collect those candies. You may try to run and grab a toffee in mid-air if you know where it will fall.

7. In Run Bird Run, collect toffees to unlock characters. The toffee count does not reset in a new game. All toffees collected in the previous games will be stored in your account. To unlock a character, tap on the bird icon and then tap on toffee number.

Note: You need to have the required number of toffees to unlock it. There are various birds modeled on around popular characters such as the Red Bird, Black Bird, Mario, Crossy Road chicken and many more. You may also wait until the number reaches 1000 to unlock new environments.