Jolly Jam: Tips, Hints and Tricks

Jolly Jam is Rovio’s newest match-3 puzzle game released for Android and iOS platforms. It throws a new spin into the match-3 genre, making gameplay more addicting and immersive. Instead of swapping gems or dragging your finger on same-colored objects, you will need to match corners. A match is made when you create a box by dragging between matching corners.

Gameplay is easy in the first few levels, but becomes quite challenging once you finish the first boss battle. Follow these Jolly Jam tips and strategies if you want to complete objectives quicker, earn 3 stars and bonus rewards in most levels, and create combos to defeat the evil boss and his minions.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Before matching jellies, examine the game board and look for a large chunk of same-colored jellies with matching corners. Keep in mind that majority of the jellies in a block should be of same color, only then you can remove a large number of jellies at once. No use of creating a box with matching corners if there are very few same-colored candies in it. Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry. This is not a timer-based game, so your first priority should be to collect as many jellies as possible in one move.

2. You don’t have to create large boxes every time to match jellies. You can even match 2 same-colored jellies placed side-by-side. I use this strategy when I see that there’s no matching corner but a normal and a special jelly of the same color placed side-by side. This way I still have a chance to remove several objects at once without creating large boxes. Use this strategy whenever you see a special jelly placed on left or right side of a same-colored normal or special jelly.

3. Big or small, you must get rid of jelly groups below jelly notes to bring them down faster. Secondary objectives like collecting jellies or monsters can be completed in no time, but bringing down jelly notes should be your first priority. They appear randomly on any column. So focus on them first and create small boxes with matching corners to bring them down faster.

4. When dragging between matching corners, make sure that the objects should be inside one square block. You cannot drag across the edges to collect them. As you progress, you will find cleverly designed levels. Some will have empty squares which will prevent you from creating a large box. In such levels, look for areas that don’t have edges or cut-outs on the game board and try to find a match in those areas.

5. In boss battles, go for bigger matches to defeat bosses. Smaller matches can’t do much damage to them. Also, they will leave no stone unturned to remove key jellies from the board or trap them in ice blocks.

The Special Jelly Cheat Sheet

In Jolly Jam, you can create special jellies by matching 5, 6 and 7 objects of the same color. Special jellies look different from normal jellies and can be activated when matched with a same-colored normal or special jelly. This guide explains how to make the most of each of them:

1. Match 5 jellies of the same color to create a Jelly Dash. This special jelly can be horizontally-striped or vertically-striped. A horizontally-striped Jelly Dash triggers a row blast, whereas the vertically-striped special jelly triggers a column blast. Can be useful for collecting a large number of jellies in one move.

2. Match 6 jellies to create a Jelly Swirl. Once activated, this special jelly can trigger a blast and remove all objects near it. Can be useful for melting the ice layer on a jelly.

3. Match 7 jellies of the same color to create a Jelly Storm. This special jelly, when matched with a same-colored normal jelly will remove all same-colored jellies scattered around the board. Can be very useful if you want to complete a level that requires you to collect jellies. Say, you may need red jellies and you have a red special Jelly Storm. Just match it with another red jelly to remove all of them on the game board.

You may also match two special gems provided they are of the same color.

How to Get 3 Stars in Every Level

Earning 3 stars in every level has its own perks. Make 6 or 7 matches in every move or use special jellies in one single move to fill up the star meter quickly. The star meter is located at the top-right corner of the screen.

The level completion screen shows a series of stars slots at the top of the game screen. The stars earned in each level are added to those slots. Once star slots leading to a reward are filled up, you earn that reward. Rewards can range from diamonds to power-ups. Here are some tips to earn three stars in every level:

Completing objectives with several moves remaining can fill up the star meter faster. Objectives can range from collecting jellies, removing cutesy monsters or bringing jelly notes to the bottom of the game board. Finishing objectives with several moves remaining triggers “Jamming Time”, where leftover moves turn into special jellies. For example: If you have completed all objectives with 13 moves remaining, then all of them will turn into special jellies. These specials will then be matched with same-colored ones. This way, you will earn bonus points and also an extra star.

Make the most of special jellies like Jelly Storm to remove several jellies at once. Remember that you will need to complete objectives with plenty of moves remaining to earn bonus score. Match 7 same-colored jellies to get that special jelly. Match it with another jelly of the same color to remove all same-colored jellies scattered around on the board. You may experiment with several special jellies to complete objectives as fast as possible.

In many levels, you won’t be able to earn all 3 stars. You can come back any time and replay them to get that extra star. It will be added to the empty star slot in the level completion screen. Example: In one level, you earned only one star, if you play again and earned two stars, an extra star will be added to the stars slot.

Extra Tips

Earn 3 stars in every level to increase the chances of earning collectibles. These collectibles can unlock mysterious structures like large gift boxes and candy stores that lay scattered all the around the map. You will see the required number of collectibles below these mysterious structures. Once the required number is filled up, you earn special rewards like diamonds and power-ups.

Want to earn extra rewards in Jolly Jam? You just need to Login to Facebook to unlock special rewards and items. You can get up to 45 Diamonds and a rare collectible. Keep an eye on daily spins (can be found on the game map) to get bonus items.