Immortal Odyssey: Tips and Tricks

Immortal Odyssey is Gameloft’s newest role-playing game. Inspired by Chinese MMORPGs, this game lets you complete quests and fight monsters to collect rewards, weapons and magical items. Follow these tips and tricks if you want to win battles, earn goodies and have stronger heroes in your team: 

Choose Your Starter Character Wisely:

When choosing a starter character, check his/her stats. Some heroes will have higher attack rate, but can easily be defeated due to lower defense stats. Tap on a character in the selection screen to view his/her stats.

Attributes such as Attack, Defense, Speed and Skill will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Stats-wise, choose a balanced character. For example: Fighter has balanced stats (Defense =4 stars, Attack = 3, Speed and Skills = 3 each). While the fighter may not inflict lethal blows, her defense and speed will compensate for her lower attack rate.

Another great choice would be the Knight (5-star defense, 3-star attack). You may choose a character of your liking and then upgrade or equip with powerful weapons, but choosing a balanced character will make it easier to defeat enemies in the battle arena.

If you have already selected a character, just select a new realm and choose another one. This time, make sure to go through each hero’s stats before choosing them. You will have to start from scratch. You may again go back to the previous realm to continue playing with your old hero.

Stealth Attacks Help You Gain an Advantage in Battle

Don’t tap on a monster facing you. Wait for it to turn away so that you can sneak up behind it to pull off a stealth attack. However, if it sees you, it will attack first. Of course you won’t have any choice but to fight a monster charging at you, but that won’t be of any advantage to the monster because your character wasn’t attacked unaware (i.e. He/she did not have their back turned).

However, if you attack a monster when his back is turned, you gain an advantage in battle. So have patience, wait for your enemy to turn away and go for the first blow. Your opponent loses one turn if you get the first sneak attack opportunity.

Have Stronger Heroes on the Front Line

In Immortal Odyssey, a player can add new characters to his squad via the “Manage Team” option. Tap on the unlocked slot (+ sign) to add a character and then drag it on to the front or rear line.

Experiment with your team’s position. You may have stronger characters on the front line and weaker/slower ones in the rear line. Your enemies will have to defeat all characters on the first row to attack the rear row, so have the best characters on the front line.

There are a total of five slots and each slot can be unlocked by reaching a level. For example: reaching level 14 will unlock the fourth slot. You can add a new character to the fourth slot and then drag to a position in the front or rear line.

Choose Side-Quests with Bigger Rewards

Side-quests are a good source of coins, XP and other rewards, but accepting them requires too much energy. The energy bar replenishes slowly and it takes around 9 hours to get fully refilled. Save energy for those side-quests that offer good rewards.

Tap on a non-player character with an exclamation mark to find out what quest he/she wants to offer. The quest selection screen will show both main quest and the side-quest or any one of them. Select the side-quest, go through a mini-story and accept only if it offers bigger rewards. To ignore, just tap on the X icon.

Auto Mode: To Use or Not to Use

While the Auto mode is a nice way to sit back and watch your characters battle enemies, it serves no tactical advantage if you have two or three members in your team. In auto mode, the AI chooses a random enemy. Your characters may end up targeting a monster on the front or rear row, whereas in manual mode, you choose a target for each of your heroes if there are multiple enemies on the front/rear row.

Note: The front row enemies must be vanquished before you can attack enemies on the rear row. The manual mode can be extremely useful when you have a stealth advantage over your enemies.

Upgrade Weapons

Upgrade weapons to make them more powerful. Use heat runes to upgrade them. You can get these runes via daily rewards, consecutive log-ins, bonus gifts or by completing main quests. Another way to get heat runes is to melt items via the Forge.

Make sure you don’t melt uncommon or rare items, the game will warn you if you do so. To get a list of common items, tap "Filter". Update weapons at regular intervals so that your character does not get defeated in mini-boss battles.

Use Common Allies to Upgrade Side Characters

You can upgrade your team members by tapping on the Home icon > Allies. Select a character profile and tap on upgrade. You may have to sacrifice other characters to upgrade him.

You will get to capture enemies after completing quests or using the free lottery to earn one. Just don’t sacrifice a rare or uncommon character for the upgrade procedure. You may have captured some trolls and other creatures while battling enemies. Use them to upgrade your character and make him/her stronger. You may also use a duplicate character to fuse and upgrade.

Extra Tips

1. Complete quests, earn XP to level-up your character. This increases stats such as Damage, Defense, Penetration etc. You will find several side-quests in the village, but you should choose the one that offers the maximum EXP.

2. Use the Route option if you want to be in the main quest. Tapping on the Route button will make your character auto-travel to its next quest.

3. Tap on the Gift option when you see a red circle above it. The Gift option lets you earn free energy, online rewards, raid tickets and bonus gifts. You can receive free energy by accessing the energy pool. The pool operates between certain times. Note down the time and time zone and come back during that time range.

4. Immortal Odyssey offers plenty of ways to earn free goodies. You can earn Bonus gifts when you reach a certain level. For example: reaching Level 15 will unlock a new bonus gift. Just go to Gifts > Bonus Gifts to claim your rewards. There is a high chance of earning Gold Ingots via Bonus Gifts. New characters, heating runes and raid tickets can be earned via log-in bonuses.

5. Your ally is as important as your main character, so make sure you equip him with the best weapons and armor. You can evolve him to a much stronger version by spending special orbs called "Neidan". You can get those by completing quests and boss battles.