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WWE Immortals Full Roster: Champions and Their Special Abilities

WWE Immortals is a World Wrestling Entertainment mobile game on steroids. It’s nothing close to what we have seen in all WWE games released on various platforms. The game resembles a bit too much like Mortal Kombat. Well, it is developed by NetherRealm Studios, so you can expect more brutal fighting and outlandish finishing moves.

In this fighting game, characters are divided into grades – Gold, Bronze and Silver. You will find two or more characters of the same kind in all three categories, but each of them has its own special ability. Check out these wrestlers, the tier they belong to and their unique powers.

Gold Grade Characters:

1. Triple H: A KO drains other opponents’ adrenaline.

2. Big Show: Tag him and he will take reduced damage for a short period of time.

3. Roman Reigns: When he is low on health (about 40 percent), his damage increases by 50 percent.

4. Undertaker: KO an opponent to gain 25 percent damage boost.

5. Daniel Bryan: Use his signature attack to get speed and damage boost.

6. Trish Stratus: Block damage to get a 25 percent Adrenaline boost for her allies.

7. John Cena: Tag another team mate to earn extra damage for his next special attack.

Silver Grade Characters:

1. Triple H: Damage boost if you have a gold grade wrestler in your team

2. Paige: Her finishing move gives extra adrenaline to her allies

3. Brie Bella: Tag her in to get extra shield.

4. Undertaker: Increased adrenaline and health

5. Sheamus: Health boost

6. John Cena: Tag him in to deal extra damage to his opponent

7. Brock Lesnar: Defeat an enemy to get damage boost.

8. The Rock: Hit an opponent with his signature move to deal extra damage.

Bronze Grade Characters:

1. Kane: Tag him in to inflict extra damage to his opponent. But his health should be less than 20 percent to get this damage boost.

2. Roman Reigns: When he is low on health, around 40 percent, he gets a speed boost.

3. Big Show: Extra damage when tagging in.

4. Paige: Use her signature attack move to give an adrenaline burst to her allies.

5. Brie Bella: Health boost to her allies

6. Trish Stratus: All male allies receive a health boost.

7. Nikki Bella: Damage boost for her allies.

8. Daniel Bryan: Use his signature move to get a speed boost for a few seconds.

9. Sheamus: Speed Boost

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