How to Boost Character Skills in The Witcher: Battle Arena

While playing The Witcher: Battle Arena, you may have noticed icons on the left side of the screen. These are nothing but special skills that do extra damage to enemies.

Each character has 4 unique skills, and all can be activated in battle. This can be done by pressing the plus button beside each skill. The plus button appears when a character levels-up in battle. You can see the level-up bar beside the character profile pic at the top-left corner of the screen. Once the bar fills up, press the plus button to activate or upgrade skills.

You can increase character skill damage, range, stun and other attributes via the Character Skill section. This permanent skill boost can be achieved by distributing points to Skill Proficiency, which activates the slider in the character skills section. The points slowly build up by accumulating EXP, which is earned in every battle, whether it is a PvP, Co-Op mode or solo mode. Follow these steps to increase your character skill attributes:

In every PvP, Co-Op or single-player mode, a player earns experience points after the battle gets over. More points are earned based on the player’s performance at the battleground. The experience points earned is used to level-up your character.

The Witcher Battle Arena Character Skills

Tap on “Characters” to find a number beside each character profile. The bar fills up as and when the player earns experience points after each battle. Once the bar fills up completely, the character earns a level-up point. (Play more PvP, Coop and single-player battles to earn experience points and level-up faster.)

The “level up” points can then be distributed to "Item and Skill Proficiency". Tap on the character profile pic to access Skill Proficiency (Book icon). You can see the total points that can be distributed to skills just above the character bio.

Under Skill Proficiency, tap on the plus icon or drag the slider to spend your leveled-up points. This will increase your character's skill expertise. Once the slider gets past the first tier, you unlock the skill slider. To confirm, tap on the Character Skill section (Fist icon) above to see the lock removed for each skill attribute such as Damage, Stun, and Range etc. You can now move the slider one step on either side.

Continue playing, earning experience points, leveling-up your character and spending level-up points on Skill Proficiency to get past the second tier. This will unlock -/+ 2 points of the skill slider in the Character Skills section. You can now move the skill slider two steps either side (+ and -).

Unlocking tier 3 will provide an extra point to spend on your skill.

Spend the skill slider points wisely. If you want to increase/decrease damage, then you will need to decrease the secondary attribute slider by one or two points (in case you are on Tier 2).

Example: For Saskia of Aedirn’s Shield Strike skill (Tier 2), I had to reduce Stun by two points so that I could increase Damage by 30 percent. You will need to sacrifice attributes and find a proper combination for all three attributes of a skill to make the most of it.