The Witcher Battle Arena Tips, Hints and Tricks

The Witcher Battle Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game released for Android and iOS platforms. Fans of The Witcher and MOBA enthusiasts will find this game quite engaging and addicting.

Game rules are simple. Each team has to capture control points and reduce their opponent’s score to zero. The simplified MOBA mechanics will definitely appeal to newbies, whereas role-playing elements will be welcomed by seasoned role-playing gamers. Here are some basic tips and tricks to get started

1. The Practice mode has three difficulty levels – Easy, Medium and Hard. Try the Practice mode first to have a better understanding of the game and then choose the other modes. Once you have mastered this game on all three difficulty levels start with PvP and Co-op play.

2. The more pillars you capture, the faster your opponent’s total points deplete. A team loses if their total points reaches zero. The total battle points per team can be seen at the top of the screen just beside the timer. Keep an eye on the total points of your rival team as well as your team and then devise a strategy to make sure their points reaches zero.

The Witcher: Battle Arena Tips and Tricks

3. Remember you need to capture the pillars and attack only if you want to prevent your opponent from recapturing them. Your opponent’s points reduce faster if all three pillars have been captured by your team, so focus on capturing them first and then use special skills to kill rival team’s characters. Your character will respawn if he dies in battle, but after a few seconds he/she will appear on his base, ready to fight again. (Applies the same to characters of the opposing team.)

4. Team work is crucial to win battles. Make sure that you and your teammates stick to your goal, i.e. capturing control points. All three members of your team should quickly capture the nearest pillar and then go to the next pillar.

5. Your character’s health replenishes slowly. If you want a complete health refill, just go back to the base. You may also use the free health potion for a quick refill anywhere in the battlefield.

6. Your character’s level bar is shown just beside his/her portrait at the top-left corner of the screen. It slowly fills up on its own, but can fill up really fast if you control points and kill opponents.

When it fills up completely, you gain one point, which can be used to activate a special skill (see the special skill buttons on the left side of the screen) or boost damage and other attributes of an already activated skill. Keep an eye on the plus sign beside each skill and tap on it soon after it appears on the screen to activate or increase damage.

7. You get one free bomb and health potion in every battle. Use them wisely. The bomb stuns enemies for a few seconds and inflicts enough damage to drain half of their health. Go to a pentagon-shaped platform to get another bomb and health potion. There are several such platforms scattered throughout the battle arena. Just stand on it to replenish potion/bomb.

8. The items earned after each battle can be used to boost armor, attack rate, movement speed, health points, attack range, speed and other stats.

Go to “Characters” and tap on your character. Next, tap on the Treasure chest icon at the top of the game screen to access inventory. Drag and drop the item to the character profile/3D model and it will automatically snap to its respective slot. You may even equip weapons, armor and other items purchased at the store through the inventory screen.

9. Win PvP, solo or Co-op battles to earn more silver crowns, level-up characters and get item rewards. Spend the silver crowns on weapons and items wisely.

On the main screen, tap on “Shop” to get a list of weapon skins, inventory and heroes. The minimum cost of weapons is 500/750 silver crowns and the maximum is 1000. Whether you win or lose, you earn silver crowns, though the amount is bigger if you emerge victorious in battle.

10. You earn in-battle gold while fighting opponents and capturing control points. The gold can be used to upgrade weapons, armor and magic.

11. The Witcher Battle Arena lets you upgrade your weapons and items via the Shop menu. Go to your base to activate the “Shop” icon. Tap on it and then tap on your weapon to know upgrade benefits. Tap on the green button below your weapon/armor/magic item icon to upgrade it. Use the gold to upgrade your weapons, armor and magical equipment frequently to make them more powerful.

12. You can upgrade character skills, but for that you will need to spend level-up points on Skill Proficiency. Once you reach a tier, you unlock sliders in the skills menu (Fist icon). After unlocking, you will be able increase or decrease damage and stun stats of each skill.