Gemcrafter: Puzzle Journey Tips, Tricks and Crafting Guide

Gemcrafter isn’t one of those run-of-the-mill match-3 puzzle games. It has a unique premise. Instead of the usual gem-swapping gameplay, players have to move gems adjacent to similar-colored ones across the game board. Matching 3 or more gems of the same type creates larger and shinier objects. For example, matching azure (diamond-shaped) gems creates a blue gem.

Tips and Tricks

1. Match gems before the game board fills up. New gems will continue to crop up after each move. You have two options to free up space – match gems or use the pickaxe to remove them. To remove a gem, drag and drop the pickaxe on to it. You can also use the pickaxe to break ice cells.

2. Match 5 or more gems to create a levitating gem. This special gem can be moved anywhere on the game board. Use it only on potential matches which you think will help complete your objective.

3. While matching those shiny trinkets, don’t hurry up. Take your time. Most levels don’t have a time limit. Look for a safe path to get to similar-colored gems. You can move your gems backward, forward, left or right in case there are no obstacles in between two gems. You can also move them in a zigzag path or an L-shaped path. However, you cannot move them diagonally.

Gemcrafter Tips and Tricks

4. You can match gems in L-shape or a reverse L-shape. You can also go for horizontal, vertical, and T-shaped matches.

5. Treasure chests not only contain a unique gem, but also contain tickets and useful items like pickaxe and lasso. Special power-ups can make puzzle-solving easier.

6. Breaking ice cells is easy. Just match gems with a blocked gem of the same kind to break the ice spell.

7. Login to your Facebook account to receive free coins. The gold earned or received as rewards can be used to purchase useful items.

8. Before playing, inspect the game board and look for safe paths where you can easily move a gem towards a potential match. The game provides hints by highlighting the right path towards a match.

9. Use the Lasso item to remove a gem. You can then use it later. You can put it anywhere on the game board, but use it only when you think there’s an opportunity to get a big gem match.

10. The game gets over when the board fills up or you have run out of moves. To remove a few gems and free up space, purchase “Magic Spell” with gold coins. Keep an eye on the remaining moves. You may need to collect keys in, say, 15 or 16 moves. You will need to replay a level if you fail to do so.

Gem Crafting Guide

In Gemcrafter, you can create higher-level gems by matching 3 or more gems of the same kind. You earn extra points if you match three or more higher-level gems. This guide explains how to craft higher-level gems:

Match 3 or more Green gems to craft Azure gems

Create Blue gems by matching 3 or more Azure gems

A Pink gem is crafted when a player matches 3 or more Blue gems

Red gems can be crafted by matching 3 or more Pink gems

Match Red gems to create Orange gems

Guide to Obstacles

Various obstacles like ice cells and Liana make puzzle-solving tougher for Gemcrafters. These pointers will help you know more about each obstacle:

Ice cell: Freezes those beautiful trinkets from moving. Can be destroyed my matching a similar-colored gem with the one trapped on it.

Liana: Liana traps gems from moving.

Lava: Blocks cells and burns path, preventing players from moving their gems.

Bombs: Time bombs explode if you fail to match them with similar-colored gems before the timer runs out.