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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars - 11 Tips, Hints and Strategies to Win Quick Fights and PvP Battles

A cat lazing around in your backyard, playing with toys and having a sumptuous meal is understandable, but one cannot imagine our feline companions fighting it out for glory and rewards in a deadly arena. Well, developers at Zeptolab have done the unthinkable – Put cats inside battle vehicles.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a build-and-fight game where players need to construct vehicles and deploy them to the battle arena. Players can attach weapons, choose the best wheels and use boosters to make their cars stronger. The vehicles are then controlled by our feline friends, who will do their best to win a fight, but a battle outcome depends on the vehicle design and the choice of weapons. These tips, hints and strategies will help you win quick fights and championship matches:

1. A Good Weapon Combo Can Help You Win a Fight

The supply boxes that you receive contain various types of parts, such as wheels, body, weapons and boosters. A proper combination of primary and secondary wea…
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Cheating Tom 3 Walkthrough, Tips and Strategies

Cheating is probably not the best way to pass a test, but for the not-so-intelligent Tom, it’s the only way to get higher grades. And it’s you who can help him peek into his classmates’ notes without being caught by his teacher. Genius School is home to super bright students, but it also hides a secret.

The school principal, with his ingenious contraption wants the brains of the brightest students so that he can use them to rule the world, but Tom is not aware of this deadly plan. As you complete levels, you will be able to solve the mystery and at the same time help him cheat to get more grades than brainy students. With these beginner-level walkthrough, tips and strategies, you will be able to get higher grades, make the most of power-ups to avoid getting caught and earn three stars in every level:


1. To get a grade quickly, you will have to cheat. Tap and hold a student and the meter at the top of the screen fills up until it reaches a target grade. Hold a student unt…

Creature Quest: Tips and Hints to Build a Robust Squad

Before building a robust critter squad, you should first know how to collect creatures. You will need to summon them by tapping the purple-gold treasure box at the lower left corner of the screen.

There are two ways to summon critters: Using Idols and Tickets. Both can be found while exploring the map. Tickets are easier to find and can be used to summon common critters, whereas idols are hard to get.

Tip: You will need at least 50 tickets to summon a single creature. I would recommend saving tickets and go for multi-summon. You will need 450 tickets to perform a multi-summon, which gives you a guaranteed rare critter.

There are different types of idols. Common idols can be used to summon common critters whereas legendary idols are used to summon rare creatures. Also look for special daily rewards for free summons. For example: The Spring Fling rewards in the latest update will let you win two summon idols. All you have to do is login daily between April 13 to April 20 2017 and get…

Cover Fire Walkthrough, Tips and Strategies

If you have played Kill Shot Bravo, then you will love everything about Cover Fire. The stunning, almost console-quality visuals look amazing on your smartphone and tablet PC and the missions are pretty fast-paced. Most missions will let you engage in close quarters combat, taking cover behind barricades and walls and shooting down enemies. However, there are also quite a few action-packed levels that let you move around in SUVs and choppers, hunting for bad guys in moving vehicles or attacking your team member.

Missions are broadly divided into assault, sniper and “vehicle”. The final mission in every campaign ends with confronting a tough opponent, and it may take a few retries before you can kill the boss. With the the help of this walkthrough, tips and strategies, you will be able to choose a better team according to a mission type, know your characters and the skills they posses and find out how to win boss levels:

1. Select the Best Character Based on Mission Types

In campaign…

Angry Birds Action Tips, Hints and Strategies

Angry Birds Action is a Pinball-inspired physics-based puzzler featuring your favorite birds. The game lets you toss a birdie into obstacles, collect valuable items and rescue eggs and candies in distress. And if you thought there are no pigs in this game, you are wrong. They do make an appearance, but arrive in an airplane dropping ice blocks, rocks, bomb crates and everything that might stop our birdies from reaching their goals.

The game is easy to play, but levels become increasingly difficult as you progress. These tips, hints and tricks will help you know how to make the most of each bird, avoid a windy situation and complete stages faster.

1. How to Win a Stage Full Of Wind-Based Obstacles

Fans, saxophone-playing birds, Oh my! These obstacles can make life very difficult for your little birdie. Here are some quick hints that will help your wingless birds get out of a windy situation:

Go with the direction of the wind. You can easily see the wind’s direction in a level. If yo…

Creature Quest Receives an Easter Update Boasting Bunnies and Bonuses

VC Mobile’s addictive Creature Quest sucks you in with its mix of RPG and strategy elements. This Easter, there are even more features to keep critter collectors keen.

First off, the Easter Bunny might bring you a Bunny Box full of in-game treats this April. Every Diamond Summon has a chance of rewarding you with one, and inside is a Yellow Creature to add to your collection. Three of these are Legendary status, including the brand new Sandworm!

There’s also a fresh quest called Poached Eggs in which it’s up to you to stop the Sandworm from cracking all the Spring Bunny’s eggs! By beating the rascal in battle, you’ll get the chance to capture an Epic Goliath Beetle, a Rare Kobold Apprentice or a Rare Contenderoo. The event is available for a limited time only so hop to it!

If that wasn’t enough seasonal fun for you, then this will put a spring in your step. Spring Fling rewards you with lots of goodies for checking in to Creature Quest on each of the 8 days of the event.

Earlier thi…

Things to Do in Club Penguin Island: Tips and Hints for Beginners

Disney’s Club Penguin Island takes you to lively 3D world full of fun and games. You can make new friends, participate in fun activities, adventure, explore the island in search for secrets and rewards, shop your heart out, chat with fellow penguins and express yourself with adorable emojis. You can craft new costumes and customize outfits for your character. And if you are bored, complete adventures to earn some cool rewards. There are lots of things to do, and these tips and hints will tell you exactly where to go, how to have fun and meet new friends:

1. Shake a Leg or Jump on the Trampoline at the Dance Floor

The Dance Floor in Beacon Boardwalk (BB) lets you show off your moves, kick beach balls or jump on the trampoline. It’s also the best place to meet other players and make friends as it is always more crowded than other activity areas. There might also be some helpful people providing info about the island:

You can participate in three fun activities at the Dance Floor: dan…