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Battle Bay: 10 Tips and Strategies to Win PvP Matches

The creators of Angry Birds have come up with another brilliant concept, but this time it’s 5 vs. 5 real-time multiplayer sea combat game instead of the usual birds versus pigs game. In Battle Bay, a player controls a weaponized boat and teams up with 4 more players who fight for dominance and survival. It’s a fight between “Friends” and “Unfriends” and it takes guts and some strategy to win a match. A boat squad wins if certain strategic points are captured or all boats of the opposing team are destroyed.

You can equip weapons and support items to your armored boat, train crew members to unlock talents and upgrade items to improve stats. Once ready, you can start a match and help your team win it. These tips and strategies are for those looking to win a battle by dominance. Read on if you happen to be one of them:

1. Shoot Enemy Boats from a Distance: Play the Role of a “Sniper”

When battle begins, the real action takes places in those green zones. Most players try to move to thes…
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Dino Factory: 7 Tips, Hints and Strategies to Grow Your Dinosaur Business

Oh Bibi’s Dino Factory lets players make dinos and sell them to eager buyers. But that’s not all, creating and selling these prehistoric beasts requires proper planning and strategy. You, the CEO of this factory, has to oversee everything, from choosing the right dino model to upgrading workers so that you can sell creatures at a higher price. You will also have to set the right price before selling a dinosaur to customer. The game also includes theme park management, allowing players to build buildings and attractions to keep customers happy.

Social features of this game allow you connect with random players via friend codes. You can then hire your friends to expedite dinosaur manufacturing, give and receive gifts. There’s also a unique game mode called
Dino Race that lets you choose the best dinosaurs and compete against friends.

Staff management, managing park, upgrading workers and selling dinosaurs – there are lots of things to do in Dino Factory. With these tips, hints and st…

City Mania: Tips and Hints to Get Bizzie Tokens and Rare Items

Gameloft’s City Mania puts you in the shoes of a mayor and lets you build, expand and manage your dream metropolis. By introducing interesting characters called “Bizzies”, the game aims to be unique from other city builders. You can collect funny characters and use them to increase production, population and boost happiness in your city.

The game also has certain city-building rules, which will force you to plan your strategy. You will need to have a good road layout plan, keep your citizens happy by placing structures at the right areas and manage space. You will have complete control of your city and you can build it at your own pace. Check out our beginner-level guide that will help you expand your city, make use of of those cute workers and oversee a bustling city:

1. Five Ways to Get Rare Items for City Expansion

Those dotted lines on the outskirts of your metropolis are your city borders. You cannot build any units on the other side of it. However, you can expand your city to …

Action Adventure Epic Legend of AbhiManYu is now Available on the App Store

When most people think of mobile gaming, they think small in scale. Well, meet Legend of AbhiManYu – the new action adventure epic that strives to make everything look and feel as huge as possible.

With AAA production values, including fully rendered 3D graphics, and a unique historical war story based around the ancient text Mahābhārata, ACY Entertainment’s new endeavour looks more like something you’d play on a next-gen console.

You play the role of AbhiManYu, a fearless warrior who has been sent to fight in the battle between two warring clans. Players will have to fight alone, and adapt various strategies to overcome the odds.

Whether it’s fighting sword-to-sword or using your archery skills to shoot down enemies from your chariot, you’ll constantly have to change tactics depending on the class of warrior you’re facing. These include Archers, Sword Soldiers, Spear Soldiers, Sword Generals, and once you’re done dispatching those there will also be some mighty bosses for you to ove…

Robot Unicorn Attack 3: Tips and Hints to Earn More Rewards and Beat Your Score

Adult Swim Games’ Robot Unicorn Attack 3: Forever is an endless runner that lets you build a team, control unicorns by tapping the left and right side of the screen and smash obstacles that come in between your runners and their freedom.

The first game created a buzz in the gaming world for its unique gameplay style. The third game may not be as amazing as the first game, but it does offer plenty of entertainment. You can create a team of three unicorns, assign special Unibots to boost their abilities, manage a citadel and upgrade it to get additional rewards and collect lots of robot unicorns. There’s a separate “Unidex” that provides more info about each robot. You can get rare, epic or common unicorns at the forge, but to recruit them you should have tear stones and stone crystals. These quick tips and hints will let you run longer, get more stones and crystals and select the best runners for your squad:

1. Build Your Team with the Best Robots

Rare and epic unicorns must be put t…

5 Best Robot Fighting Games for Android

There are people who love fighting games, and then there are those who love robot fighting games. Movies like Real Steel and games based on the movie have stoked people’s interest in scrappers that involve two mean machines fighting for dominance and supremacy.

However, there aren’t many such games on Android. You may find a few free-to-play games that allow gamers to build their own machine and control it to fight larger-than-life scrappers. All of them are available at the Google Play Store: 

1. Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel games popularized the robot fighting genre and inspired game developers to make their own machine vs. machine brawlers. Champions is the second game of the series that lets you build your mean machines to fight other mechs in a boxing realm.

Stats play a key role in this game, and so you will have to choose the right parts to make your bot stronger. The game provides 30 slick robots and over 1000 parts to choose from. You have the freedom to choose the…

Happy Racing: 7 Tips, Hints and Strategies for New Players

With so much blood and gore, you may wonder what’s so “Happy” about this racing game. There’s always a fear of losing a limb or a head, getting blown up by a hidden mine or being smashed by a falling object. It’s definitely not your typical racing game because at the end of each race you will always feel you have survived a level when you reach the finish line. There’s death on every corner and even a harmless-looking flip can decapitate your character.

You will have to be extra careful moving on falling tracks, winding paths and makeshift roads made up of cars and barrels. The game can be pretty frustrating at times, and it’s all about how well your control a vehicle to reach your objective. Check out these quick tips, hints and strategies if you want to cheat death, move to the finish line and get three stars in every level:

1. Use a Combination of Tap-Based and Tilt Controls to Move Your Character

Tap and then hold down on a part of your screen to start moving. Holding down the sc…