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Gordon Ramsay DASH: Tips, Hints and Strategies

By launching Gordon Ramsay DASH, Glu gets closer to creating a Hell’s Kitchen-like game. Gameplay is almost identical to Cooking Dash 2016, but the action takes place in Chef Ramsay’s kitchen, where he will guide you to prepare the most delicious dishes and serve customers faster.

There are several new features sprinkled here and there. There’s a Chefs Duel mode, where you can challenge friends and prove you are the fastest chef in Ramsay’s kitchen; a Farm Market, where you can buy and sell ingredients from friends and A Prep Kitchen that lets you prepare sumptuous dishes for VIP customers. The game’s unique “Frenzy Mode” will compel you to make dishes and serve customers faster only to see Chef Ramsay in action! Follow these quick tips, hints and strategies if you want to get more frenzy points, prepare food faster, earn coins and reach higher stars:

1. Dos and Don’ts When Filling the Frenzy Meter

Filling the Frenzy meter will turn Gordon Ramsay into “SuperGordon”. When you tap hi…
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How to Beat Levels in Gardenscapes: New Acres – Tips and Strategies

Gardenscapes was one of the most-played games on Facebook. And now with mobile gaming on the rise, New Acres is on its way to become one of the best games on the app store. For the uninitiated, the first game combined hidden object with simulation. Players had to renovate a garden but before that they had to solve hidden object puzzles to rebuild it. The new game combines match-3 with gardening sim.

In New Acres, you will need to beat match-3 puzzle levels to earn stars. The stars can then be used for rebuilding your dream garden. Everything from cleaning the ground to changing benches to decorating the garden requires stars and many tasks will require more than one star. You will have to make the most of explosives and try every trick in the book to win levels. With the help of these tips and strategies, you will know how to get lives, earn bonus coins and take advantage of power-ups to complete objectives faster:

How to Complete Objectives

There are three main objectives as of wr…

Disney Emoji Blitz: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Disney Emoji Blitz is proof that fast-paced match-3 puzzle games can be a whole lot of fun. The game lets you match 3 or more emojis as fast as possible before the timer runs out. There are various missions to complete and finishing a set of challenges will unlock a treasure chest. But the fun does not stop here. The game also lets you unlock and collect various Disney character emojis. They can then be enabled on your keyboard and you can use them on messengers like WhatsApp.

Each “Hero” emoji you have collected has a special power that can help you clear several objects from the game board. You can select an unlocked emoji anytime, and use its special moves to score more points. If you are looking to beat other players' score on the online leaderboard, collect more points and make the most of special moves and power ups, then follow these quick tips, hints and strategies:

1. Choose Your Hero Emoji Wisely

The starter emoji is not only cute, but also possesses special powers tha…

How to Play Bit City: Walkthrough, Tips and Hints

Nimblebit Games has launched another addicting pixel-art game called Bit City. If you have played games Like Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, you won’t think twice before downloading this game. It’s an idle tapper that lets you build and grow a city. You can construct residential and commercial buildings, purchase cars and airplanes and earn money, which can be used to construct new properties on empty slots. The bustling lively pixel city looks gorgeous once you have completed construction.

Your objective is to grow your city and reach a population goal to move to bigger and more challenging terrain. New stages will force you to manage your finances, invest in select upgrades carefully and choose your property type wisely. With the help of these beginner-level walkthrough, tips and hints you will be able to know different ways to earn coins, know how Prestige works and grow your city faster.


1. There are two objectives to complete: The first and main objective is to const…

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Walkthrough, Tips and Strategies

In a post-apocalyptic world, driving through zombie-infested areas can be very dangerous, but duty is duty and you have been given this responsibility to collect supplies, rescue survivors, eliminate the walking dead and protect your bus. In Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, it’s all about teamwork and your survivor squad knows how to deal with the undead. You will come across various survivors – fast-moving melee, tank units, ranged units and many more deadly survivors who know how to tackle the zombie menace.

Dead Ahead also lets you purchase barrels, explosives and Molotov cocktails and use them in case things go overboard. You will have to use them at the right time to make sure the area you are defending isn’t overcrowded by zombies. A proper combination and offensive tactics will help you steer clear of an infested area. But do remember the enemies are pretty smart. Here’s a detailed walkthrough plus tips and strategies that will help you win missions:


1. In every missi…

Beat Racer Review: A Fun, Musical Ride

Beat Racer is a fast-paced, music-themed racing game from ZPLAY and Lila Soft games. Its concept reminds me of Audio Surf where players maneuver a vehicle on a musical highway, collecting blocks and earning points. Beat Racer’s visuals are stunning to say the least and the songs played in the background uplift the spirit. However,  it would be better if the speed and mood of the race change with the song tempo. Still, it’s a nice musical racer and boasts a great track list.

Your goal is to maneuver a futuristic car on a highway collecting “beats” and “gems”, jumping over obstacles and defeating a speedy drilling vehicle that looks to overtake and destroy your car. You can switch between lanes to collect beats and gems, swipe upwards to jump over spikes and swipe downwards to launch a laser beam when the enemy vehicle aligns with your car. Each long ride is divided into stages that last as long as the song that’s being played in the background. You will complete a stage when the song…

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire Tips, Hints and Strategies

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is an action role-playing game from Rumble Entertainment, creators of the hit Facebook RPG Kingsroad. The game lets you collect heroes, recruit the best heroes to your 4-party team and fight menacing enemies in turn-based battles. As you keep progressing through different chapters, you will unlock better heroes, play against human opponents in PvP battles, explore islands for gold and rare items, develop the best strategies and make use of hero abilities to defeat deadly bosses.

The game’s turn-based battles encourage developing your own squad tactics to defeat enemies by taking less damage. These beginner-level tips, hints and strategies will help you build a better team, know how to get heroes for free and the advantage and disadvantages of auto-play:

1. How to Build a Strong Team before Battle

Before recruiting heroes, take a look at the enemy list in the “VS” screen. Noticed the colored circle at the upper left corner of each enemy icon? Well those …