Titanfall Assault: Tips and Strategies to Beat Opponents in PvP Matches

Titanfall Assault is a fast-paced mobile RTS game that lets you fight opponents and take control of key strategic points. Drop pilots to capture Hardpoints, deploy defenders to protect them and finally unleash deadly Titans to destroy anything that comes in their way.

The game features plenty of old and new Titans, and you can collect them all. Along with Titan cards, you can also use tactical Burn cards to support your pilots. Grunts, sentries, rockets and a host of other support cards can be used against enemies looking to recapture or defend their captured hardpoints. On winning a PvP match, you will earn credits, victory cache and trophies. There’s also a practice mode that allows you to fight AI commanders to test your new squad and strategy. There are some really cool unlockable maps such as Boneyard, Angel City, Training Grounds and Crash Site. You can unlock a new map once you reach a certain player level.

The game is easy to play, but capturing hardpoints won’t be easy. With…

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