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Mini Dayz Starter's Guide: Tips and Strategies to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

DayZ is currently in development and fans will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the final copy. But there’s some good news for them – Bohemia Interactive has released a pocket version of the game called Mini DayZ. Created for smartphones and tablets, this pixel-art post-apocalyptic survival simulator lets you explore a randomly generated map in search for food, shelter and weapons. You will have to scavenge for eatables, water, ammos and supplies and protect yourself from wild animals, hostile bandits and the infected. The game also includes crafting, allowing players to scavenge for materials inside buildings and vehicles and combine them to create makeshift tents, food, weapons and backpacks.

Mini DayZ's status bars show whether your character is hungry, thirsty or feeling cold. You will have to keep feeding your character and provide a safe shelter so that the status bars do not drop to zero. If they do, it will affect his health bar. This, along with managing …
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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow – Quick Tips for Beginners

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow lets you relive the hilarious sci-fi comedy right on your mobile device. Featuring your favorite characters, the game gives you total control of New New York City. You will have to expand your city, construct buildings, rescue trapped characters and recruit them to complete space missions. The game also lets you explore planets, battle aliens and complete quests to save the universe from the mysterious “hypnowaves”.

Worlds of Tomorrow has a simple, yet engaging turn-based battle system. Dialogue-based quests are equally interesting and very funny. However, the choices you make determine the outcome of a story, so choose a witty dialogue to win hearts and get rewards. Check out these quick tips if you want to level up faster, beat aliens in turn-based battles, manage city and earn more rewards:

1. Put Unwanted Decos in Your Inventory to Save Space

Expanding your city by clearing blocks using “hypnotons” is probably the best way to add more space, so that …

Simon’s Cat: Crunch Time – Tips and Strategies to Get More Treats for Your Kitties

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time is made for lazy Sunday afternoons. Amazing artwork, lovely kitty animation, adorable cats and a simple, yet addicting gameplay will go very well with casual gamers, especially those who like relaxing puzzle games. Your goal is to feed your kitties by linking three or more treats of the same color. And because you will be connecting food items instead of swapping them, there will be no fixed matching pattern required in this game. There’s only one requirement – treats should be "linkable", i.e. placed in a way that you can drag your finger to connect them. This unique link-to-match feature will definitely appeal to match-3 puzzle fans.

When matching colorful food items, focus on a cat’s food needs. Kitties on the top of the game board will have a speech bubble above them. Each speech bubble will show what type of food a kitty wants. So if a cat wants a heart-shaped item, then you will have to connect all heart-shaped treats to feed her. Along with f…

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Starter’s Guide - Tips and Strategies to Build a Strong Empire

If you have played games like Brutal Age or Mobile Strike, then Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire needs no introduction. You will have to keep constructing buildings and upgrade them until you make your empire stronger. Level-up your citadel to unlock new buildings, train troops and send them to raid other player bases for loot and rewards. The game also lets you hunt monsters straight from the FF universe. Killing them will grant crafting materials. The best part of this game is that it features your favorite characters from the Final Fantasy universe. You can choose your hero and send him/her to battle, improve their skills, equip armor, items weapons to make them stronger and deploy them to hunt monsters.

The game has brilliant graphics and the chibi versions of FF characters fighting monsters look damn adorable on your mobile screen. There are lots of things to do and the real fun starts when you join a guild. Follow these beginner-level tips and strategies if you are in need of lo…

Black Survival (Android Game) – Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Archbears’ Black Survival has a very unique concept. It’s a real-time PvP strategy game that pits you against 9 more players on a deserted island. Your goal is to be the last man standing among the group of survivors and the only way to do this is to kill 9 all survivors. You and other “test subjects” who have been brought to Lumia Island will begin their adventure from the research center. Most of your time will be spent exploring areas, finding ingredients and crafting weapons, armor and food in order to protect oneself and stay alive. As you keep exploring each area, you will find certain items of interest which can be stored in your bag or dropped. You will have to collect those ingredients that are required to craft a weapon or an armor of your choice.

While exploring, you will face hostile survivors who will leave no stone unturned in harming your character. You will also face wild creatures. Your objective should be to stock up on some food and craft weapons that inflict more…

Engross Yourself in History, Mystery, and Puzzles in The House of Da Vinci, Available Now

If puzzle solving and classical history tickle your fancy then you might want to take note of Blue Brain Games’ eagerly anticipated title, The House of Da Vinci - an original hands-on 3D puzzle adventure inspired by The Room series which has just launched on iOS platforms.

Fulfilling every historical enthusiasts dream, The House of Da Vinci transports players back to 1506 Renaissance Italy as the great Leonardo’s assistant. It isn’t too long however before you discover that he’s nowhere to be seen, quickly setting you on a mind-bending journey to solve a series of puzzles in a bid to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. Are you up to the task of solving the secret of the century?

If you’re to be successful you’ll need to discover hidden items, untangle complex mechanisms, and even overcome puzzles and contraptions inspired by actual Da Vinci concepts, manuscripts and inventions. Each conundrum has been lovingly brought to life using full 3D visuals, in a game world intending t…

Angry Birds Evolution Starter’s Guide: 9 Tips and Strategies to Win Arena Battles

Angry Birds Evolution’s gameplay is reminiscent of “AB: Action”, but the former lets you fight pigs as opposed to collecting items and rescuing eggs. True to its name, the game introduces several evolved birds, something you have never seen before in any Angry Birds (AB) game. There are more than hundred new and wacky birdies to collect, level-up and evolve. Yes each bird can be evolved once he/she reaches its maximum level. The game also throws new features, such as scouting that allows players to send three scouts on a mission to find bonus arenas and rewards.

Just like any other AB game, you will have to fight piggies, but instead of flinging wingless birds into makeshift buildings, Angry Birds Evolution lets you battle pigs in an arena. All you have to do is drag and release a birdie towards a pig to deal damage. A pig’s HP decreases when a bird hits him. Those pesky green oinks will also attack when their turn comes, so brace for a furious piggy attack, although I am sure you c…